Divine Wedding Wedding packages

Divine Wedding Wedding packages

Enjoy a magical night on the calming Caribbean sea with the sparkling moon and stars above creating an idyllic ambiance for an unforgettable event. 

Premium from
$210 USD
per person

Deluxe from
$225 USD
per person


Jolly Roger offers a magnificent Spanish Galleon ship with unique lighting and a dazzling fireworks display so that your special night is memorable and everything you dreamed of and so much more. 

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Additional Wedding Services

  • Ceremonies: religious, civil, symbolic
  • Wedding cake
  • Musical options: mariachi, salsa, caribbean rhythms, marimba, string music and trios
  • Additional details: fireworks or fire dancers, themed dancers
  • Decorations: basic package, premium package
  • Coordination event fee, music set, personal assistant
  • Photographer service: digital video and photo package, love memories printed package

Terms and conditions

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barra bodas jolly roger cancun


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