Marriage Proposal

Pirate Style

The adventure of your life is about to start.  

Imagine navigating the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, the love of your life, by your side, admires the immensity of the vast blue ocean and you, delighting in her beauty, know that this is the right time, the right place and the right person. The most exciting adventure of your life is about to start. 

On board of the Jolly Roger, a proposal will be burned in the minds of the crew, in your heart and in that of your loved one. Book our Marriage Proposal package, in which this special moment will be part of the most exciting live pirate show, courtesy of the most fearsome (and incredibly romantic) crew of the bay. 

$520 USD per couple
  • Bottle of sparkling wine 
  • Bouquet of flowers 
  • Three-stroke pyrotechnics 
  • Dish to choose from the menu 
  • Special decoration on your table 
  • Flower crown for the ceremony with the captain 
  • Private music set during your dinner (10 minutes) 
  • Red Velvet dessert 
  • Distribution of rose petals to the public to throw after the ceremony 
  • Pirate Commitment Certificate 
montaje bodas jolly roger cancun


barra bodas jolly roger cancun


barra bodas jolly roger cancun