The Jolly Roger

Pirate Ship in Cancun


Family fun for adults and kids


Mexican dining room below deck


An exact replica of the famous “Santa María”


Capacity for a total of 240 passengers

The Jolly Roger Galleon

The Jolly Roger galleon that features in the Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger is a modern ship modeled on the Santa Maria, also known as the Marigalante by her sailors, upon which Columbus is said to have sailed on his journey to discover the Americas.

Beneath the Jolly Roger’s authentic 16th Century wooden appearance lies a steel vessel fitted with all the modern safety features and stabilizers expected. It weighs approximately 400 tons, including its 3 wooden masts with typical galleon sails.

Main Features

There are four impressive decks that host a total of 240 passengers, with plenty of dining space for guests to dine in two sittings. The dining area also enjoys air-conditioning with a capacity of 30 cubic tons. In addition, there are especially conditioned dining facilities for guests with disabilities and a new VIP area on the third deck, which is located on the highest part of the ship and reserved for a maximum of 70 passengers.

Other features of the Jolly Roger include fully equipped stainless steel kitchen facilities where your meals are prepared freshly by our pirate chef and two fully-stocked bars with a maximum capacity for serving up to 450 passengers.

To make sure the pirate show on the Jolly Roger is as spectacular as you deserve, the ship is fitted with all the elements for a wild yet quality performance, including a stage, professional sound, lighting and special effects equipment, a sound booth with the most advanced computerized controls and enough storage space for all the equipment and supplies needed to ensure you have a marvelous time – oh, and before we forget, there is also a pirate jail cell for anyone who behaves worse than a pirate!

For your comfort and convenience, the restrooms are elegantly decorated in pirate themes and boast luxurious finishes in marble and mahogany. There is also a 24 person assigned area for boarding after ocean activities, complete with fresh water showers. Besides having a wonderful time, *your safety is our primary* concern and for this purpose there are 25 fire extinguishers with 5 liters of ABC liquid retardant on board and 350 life vests of different sizes – more than one for every passenger.