From: Unknown

Position: Pirate

Rasta was a feared and mysterious pirate whose exact origins are unknown. The principal factor that is known about Rasta is that he lived for a long time in several islands of the Caribbean. His childhood was difficult because his family devoted a lot of time to the trade business dealing with a large number of articles, including many illegal goods.

When he was 10 years old, his father received a shipment of endangered animals from different parts of the world that he was trying to sell to a famous circus from the east. Led by his natural innocence, Rasta fell into the cage of a gorilla who quickly took him as a threat, hit him and gravely hurt him. When he was about to give his last breath, he was rescued by a lion watching the event. Since then, Rasta earned great respect and harbored deep sympathy for big cats. His father gave him the lion that had saved his life, and he lived his adolescence caring for the lion. Unfortunately, his lion died a few years later and this is where an important part of his mysterious history begins. Legend says that he took the soul of a lion, giving him the character of a powerful and ferocious feline.

Following the example of his father, he also dedicated himself to the trade business. At an early age, he had already traveled through a large part of the world and successfully conducted business in India that left him a very prosperous merchant. But destiny is very deceitful. One night, his boat was caught in the middle of a hurricane that completely destroyed the ship and entire crew except for Rasta. He ended up shipwrecked on an island near Nassau where he survived for more than 6 years facing the dangerous challenges of nature, hurricanes, icy storms and wild animal attacks. During all these years, he never cut his hair so it became quite long and unruly earning his nickname of rasta.

One sunny morning, a boat that was looking for some fresh water arrived to the island. It was the dreaded ship of Captain Morgan who initially reacted with hostility towards Rasta. However, Rasta showed Captain Morgan the way to a delicious spring and gave him some liquor that Rasta had obtained from the fermentation of several tropical fruits. This welcoming gesture was not forgotten by Captain Morgan who then invited Rasta to join his crew and Rasta accepted immediately. Upon joining the pirate crew, Rasta quickly learned sword-handling skills, candle-making and carpentry. Captain Morgan also gave him the opportunity to get off at the first port they docked at, but Rasta was a loyal pirate who decided to accompany Morgan on his pirate adventures. Since then, he continued to sail the waters of the Caribbean in search of treasures and unforgettable adventures.