Pirate Mantarraya Stingray Jones

From: Normandy, France

Position: Pirate

h2. A brave Frenchman with a sting in his sword

Born in Normandy, France to noble parents, Stingray Jones enjoyed a good education growing up in Europe, learning from his father who was a member of the royal court. Naturally for a boy of such noble upbringing, he was taught how to fence and quickly learned how to handle all kinds of weapons - as a gentleman, of course. At least, that is how he began!

h3. The Battle of the Azores

It was during the infamous battle of the Azores that he got his first taste of what it was like to land a large booty as he attacked a royal Spanish ship heading back to Europe. At the same time, it marked a turning point in his life as he met the captain of the most famous pirate ship of the time, the Jolly Roger. Captain Black Jack witnessed Jone’s fine swordsmanship and deft abilities firsthand and invited him to join the crew of the Jolly Roger.

h3. A thirst for treasure

Together with the crew of the Jolly Roger Pirate ship, he embarked on the adventure of his life in search of a treasure that, according to Captain Black Jack was the most dazzling treasure ever to be laid eyes on - so dazzling that most people had to squint their eyes. The treasure was to be found near the port of Alexandria, Egypt. Though the journey was long, the crew succeeded in locating the treasure.

h3. All that glitters isn’t gold

Successful in reaching their treasure, Pirate Stingray Jones was less fortunate with his booty. When he opened the treasure chest, a spitting cobra sprang out and disfigured his face. Jones was blessed with a strength of character that few possess and he was determined to survive the cobra attack. After three long days and three even longer nights battling with very high fever, he slowly began to recover and started to believe that he had become immortal thanks to the serpent’s venom. From that day on, he swore that no human being would be able to end his life.