From: Mexico

Position: Pirate

Luna Vela-Ro, better known as Medusa in the pirate world, was one of the first Mexican pirates.  Born in northern Mexico, Luna had a difficult childhood. At the age of 3, she had to move with her family to southern Mexico seeking better life opportunities. The Spanish began attacking natives and kidnapping young women and girls to offer them as gifts to their monarchs. Therefore, Luna's mother decides to protect her by posing as a boy. For ten years, Luna grew up as a young man in the eyes of the world. During that time, she learned various combat arts that were mandatory for all men. That way, she was well prepared for any future confrontations. The experience and discipline hardened her character and forged a strong personality. 

Later, when her mother died and economic problems arose, the 14-year-old girl decided it was time for the world to know who she really was. As a result, she decides to set out for New York and present herself as Luna. Thanks to the great artistic and cultural influence of New York City, she quickly realizes she has a passion for music. She then decides to educate herself by learning from very talented street artists.  

One day as she wandered the docks, she saw a group of men trying to steal a ship that was anchored in the middle of the Hudson River. However, the attempt was thwarted by the men on board. Upon seeing the failure of the wannabe thieves, she offered to help them and became the leader of the gang. Her intelligence, courage, determination and rudeness were admirable.  

She was able to break existing gender paradigms at the time, and served as inspiration for feminine empowerment. 

One of Luna's best-known acts was the theft of one of the largest ships in the region. Later, she used the ship to navigate the Atlantic Ocean. For several months, Luna and her crew spread terror in the area. Although she is kind-hearted and always shares treasures with her allies, if someone declares himself her enemy, she becomes a real nightmare. Her powerful character earned her the nickname Medusa.  They say her gaze was so malicious and penetrating that her enemies remained motionless, frozen with fear and without skill for the confrontation.  Also, her lack of mercy with her enemies and her infinite love for her trusted people were noteworthy. 

On one occasion when the group took some time to relax, they decided to visit a tavern. There, she met pirate Jheyco, and he told her of his plans to infiltrate the Jolly Roger as a musician and then attack Black Jack. Medusa listens to his story and agrees to be part of his evil plan.