Logan Jheyco

From: England

Position: Pirate

Sir Jheyco “Jheyk” Low was the brother of Captain Edward "Ned" Low, a prominent English sailor and pirate during the Golden Age of Piracy. Born into poverty in the Westminster neighborhood in London, Jheyk moved to Boston, Massachusetts at a young age. There, he learned to play various musical instruments and to sing for a living.

He traveled from tavern to tavern performing and was known as a happy and cheerful sailor. His point of view was that war was pointless.  

One night, in a Caribbean tavern, Captain Black Jack and his Countermaster Salvatore accidentally killed Jheyk’s his mother during a bar fight. As a result, Jheyk became a pirate and began operating on the Caribbean coast.

Over time, Jheyk became one of the most successful and feared pirates of his time. He captained fleets of three or four ships and captured around 100 ships in his short career. Jheyk also earned a reputation as one of the most sadistic and violent pirates in history. His master plan was to infiltrate the Jolly Roger as a Singing Master in order to get close to Black Jack and seek revenge for his mother’s death. He was able to complete his task with the support of pirate Mantarraya.