From: Caribbean

Position: Pirate

Hata is a unique pirate that originally hails from the Caribbean. While there is limited information regarding Hata’s life before he joined the Jolly Roger pirate ship, legend states that he was rescued from a market in the Belizean population of OrangeWalk by Sesbastian, a pirate member from the Black Jack crew. Upon being rescued, he seemed to have no memory of his life up to that point. Despite his confusion, Sebastian was intrigued by Hata’s colorful hat and asked him about it. Then, Hata confided that he made the impressive hat himself. As a result, Sebastian saw the business potential based on Hata’s talent and brought him on board the Black Jack with him.

Hata is a quiet and pensive pirate who always seems to be deep in thought. In addition, he is very intelligent and skilled with weapons, numbers and healing potions. Many pirates do not believe his tales about the crazy adventures. Such stories involve dwarves, sorcerers and martial arts. The other pirates only hope to one day know the if his incredible stories are true or not. Lastly, the Shaman considers Hata one of his most valuable weapons and one of his best friends, too.