From: New Providence

Position: Musician

Born in New Providence to a family of musicians, Fury’s father was a renowned composer and his mother played several musical instruments as well. However, Fury was orphaned after a pirate attack on his hometown, and at that time was when the transformation of Fury into as a pirate began. During his adolescence, Fury was a talented violinist who was manipulated and controlled by powerful people who wanted to exploit his abilities.

As a result of that unfavorable experience, he decided to leave the theater life behind and escape from the city. However, he soon realized that it was very difficult to live on his own alone, so he decided to join a group of pirates.  When he decided to enroll with a crew, he was subjected to simple tests such as raiding pirate ships, robbing kings and even murders. One of these encounters earned the pirate the nickname of Fury.

His nickname was inspired by his cunning wit, courage and ferocity. Captain Black Jack once heard him play the violin in a tavern on Tortuga Island and was impressed by Furia’s skill. Furia knew how to distinguish the current mood of the captain, which helped earn his place amongst the crew. For these reasons, Fury is a famous pirate selected to be part of the Jolly Roger’s group of musicians and pirates.