El Chaman “Chamie”

From: Cusco, Perú

Position: Chaman

h2. Proving silence truly is a virtue

He came into the world in 1610, born into a family of shamans in the city of Cusco in Peru. Chamie, as he is known, learned the wise and ancient arts of healing and magic from his family who passed down their sacred knowledge to him.

h3. A vow of silence

By the time he was thirty years old, he was ready to take the final step to complete his shamanic training. He made a vow of silence to aid his communication with the spirit world and it wasn’t long before he became famous for his healing abilities and conversing with the spirit world.

h3. A prisoner of circumstance

In 1680, his village was sacked by English corsairs, commanded by Captain Richard Hawkins who destroyed all traces of Chamie’s home and community. He was then taken as a prisoner and forced to work on the ship. Not long after his capture, the British ship headed towards Ecuador and met Spanish corsairs who captured Richard Hawkins and his entire vessel.

h3. Turning stone into beauty

As luck would have it (some would say karma) the Spanish ship sailed under the command of Francisco Arvalles who offered Chamie his freedom in exchange for helping his niece, Malica Salvatore Arvalles. She suffered from a curse that was slowly turning her into stone. Chamie helped her to stop the curse and Chamie was given his freedom.

h3. The great escape

Chamie continued with the Spanish ship until they were attacked by an English vessel whose crew outnumbered them. Captain Francisco Arvalles soon saw that they would lose the battle, so he asked the shaman to take care of Malica, sending them both out on a lifeboat so they could escape. After a couple of weeks drifting, the Shaman and Carlota were rescued by the Jolly Roger pirate ship and Malica changed her name to protect her identity, becoming Carlota.