From: England

Position: Pirate

Cavendish was an English pirate that was born in 1560 near Ipswich in Suffolk County, England. 

Cavendish stood out amongst his generation of Pirates, especially for his feat at Cape San Julián on November 14th. There, he executed an assault on the ship Santa Ana from Manila, Philippines, who had warehouses on board that were full of treasures. After taking the ship and possessing all of its riches, he began a journey around the world. He made his way breaking into ports, and looting all the places where his ship took him. 

When he arrived at the Río de la Plata, he and his crew suffered a serious setback. A violent storm dissolved the fleet under his command. Cavenish believed that it was not the ocean father that wrecked his ship. Instead, he blamed the incident on a terrifying monster that lived in the darkest depths of the sea. 

However, that misfortune did not make him lose hope of his dream of sailing around the world. After seizing a small boat, he headed back to sea. Once when he was docked at an island to resupply, he became the victim of an attack carried out by Captain Juan de Galarza. De Galarza was famous for chasing renowned Pirate Jack Black, the leader of the Jolly Roger pirate ship. The confrontation between the pirates lasted until dawn.  The fight showed Cavendish's impressive skills with the sword, but also highlighted Captain Black's leadership. Thanks to a good strategy, he created a gap of a few minutes that allowed them enough time to escape. 

However, that confrontation was only the beginning.  Later, the Jolly Roger was surrounded by a fleet of enemy ships and received a steady stream of cannon shots that attacked the ship. Also, the ship’s anchor jammed which prevented the flight from continuing on land. Cavendish was able to stop water from coming on board and tried to remove the object that had caused the anchor to get stuck. While there was considerable damage to the ship, the pirates managed to get out of the ambush alive. 

From that moment on, Captain Jack knew that he could trust Cavendish. Without hesitation, Cavendish promptly swore to protect the Galleon flag with his life, and swore eternal loyalty to Captain Jack Black.