Captain Black Jack

From: Banderas Bay

Position: Captain

Jean Albert, AKA Captain Black Jack, was born in Banderas Bay in 1655, the only son of a peasant father and mother who died giving birth to him. His childhood was spent working, helping his father in the fields to sell crops that were then transported by the ships that arrived, including the most important pirate ships of the time, among them the Jolly Roger.

h3. Tales and legends

In his free time, his father told Jean amazing stories about the Jolly Roger, the pirate ship navigated by Captain Black Bart that would often attack ships much larger in size. The Jolly Roger soon became one of the most feared pirate ships after capturing almost 500 ships in 3 years.

h3. Teenage years

One day when he was about 13 years old, after he had gone to the port to sell his harvest for the day, he watched as the infamous Jolly Roger pirate ship made its way to port. By that time it was late in the afternoon and instead of going straight home, Jean waited to see for himself if all the stories his father had told him were true. He hid behind some barrels and watched the crew as they descended, then jumped aboard the ship to explore the vessel.

Night fell fast and as he fumbled in the captain's cabin, he tried to take out a small but striking chest located on a high shelf to see what was inside. The chest was heavier than it looked and it fell onto his head leaving him unconscious. Hours later, when he opened his eyes, he was face to face with Captain Black Bart.

h3. Slave to an idol

Caught red-handed by Captain Black Bart, Jean tried to explain what had happened and began to ask the captain whether all his adventures were true. Captain Black Bart affirmed that indeed the legends about him were justified and added more details that left Jean even more shocked by the adventures of the Jolly Roger. After the conversation came to an end, Jean remembered where he was and asked permission to leave as he had to get back home to his father. Captain Black Bart gave a sarcastic laugh before telling him that the ship had sailed hours ago. His punishment for having delved where he should not was to become the Captain’s new slave.

h3. Peasant to Slave to Crew

Years passed and little by little Jean went from being a slave to being a fundamental part of the crew. He learned how to fight with swords and all kinds of combat techniques from his comrades and Captain Black Bart took particular care to train the young boy. After seven years aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship—which continued to be the most famous vessel sailing the seven seas—, the time came to make Jean Captain Black Bart’s right hand man. Jean had earned the captain’s trust and respect from all the crew onboard.

h3. Misfortune awaits

During an attack on another vessel, a few miles off the coast of Panama, Captain Black Bart was fatally injured, causing him to die on the spot. Despite the significant loss of their captain, the Jolly Roger and her crew triumphed in the battle, and Jean Albert took over as captain and changed his name to Black Jack in memory of his greatest inspiration in life.

h3. Barba Loca

With the vessel severely damaged, they managed to reach a fishing port, where they met a man who called himself Barba Loca and had a great fondness for rum. He agreed to help them, offering to take the ship to an island where they could fix it. Several weeks passed before the Jolly Roger was fully repaired and ready to sail again, time in which Barba Loca and Black Jack spent hours locked up drinking rum and managing to form a deep friendship that would last through the years.

h3. The rescue of Carlota

As their adventures began in the Caribbean, they came across a small lifeboat drifting with the currents. The boat carried Carlota, otherwise known as Malica Salvatore Arvalles, daughter of the best swordsman in Spain, and a shaman, the infamous witchdoctor of the Caribbean. The unlikely pair were rescued and held prisoners, later becoming part of the crew.

After a number of years and many battles behind them, Carlota was named Captain Black Jack’s right hand. She earned the respect of the Captain and crew, and learned even more great combat techniques from Stingray Jones who was appointed as lieutenant. The shaman was given the position of guardian and healer on board.

h3. The curse

In one of many adventures, the Jolly Roger’s captain stole a treasure that possessed a curse which left its victim destined to a slow living death, turning Jack Black into a large marine rock over time. The transformation was destined to reach completion after 120 full moons. Despite his wealth of knowledge and skills, the shaman was unable to break the curse on his own and needed to find a totem that is amongst the treasure of the Golden Fleece found in the Bay of Hope on Cocos Island.