From: Mexico

Position: Barman

A pirate born in the New Spain territory of Mexico in the 18th century, Barbosa was the son of a plantation owner who produced pulque, tequila and mezcal. Barbosa grew up learning all about his father's business. During a stay in the territory of Valladolid, the city of Acapulco fell under the siege of several pirate captains who fought over the port. Barbosa survived by jumping from a ravine into the sea where he remained adrift until he was rescued by a pirate ship called El Guatirojo. He belonged to the Guatirojo crew for more than ten years, despite wanting to return to Pachuca in Mexico.

A good administrator of his income, Barbosa hid a small fortune in the Guatirojo, and when he had the opportunity he deserted the ship taking his fortune with him. Later, he learned that the ship was destroyed shortly thereafter. He eventually settled in Cuba where he tried to produce the same liquors that his father traded in New Spain. However, he was not as lucky and was forced to flee to Jamaica after a revolt where he met a pirate named Guati in honor of his old ship. Guati invited Barbosa to join the Jolly Roger so that Captain Black Jack could enjoy the Mexican liquors Barbosa produced which were little known in the Caribbean at that time. He accepted and became part of the Jolly Roger’s crew in order to be able to trade tequila, mezcal and pulque throughout his adventures on the open sea.