Meet Our Arrgh-some Pirates

on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun

Never has there been a pirate ship in the history of buccaneers and sea dogs so full to the brim with dastardly freebooters who love to entertain, dance and sing. Each pirate aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship has his own story to tell of betrayal, hardship and adventure on the high seas.

Read all about our unconventional family aboard the Jolly Roger as you meet characters like Captain Black Jack, or Pirate Mantarraya. You will soon discover that every pirate on the Jolly Roger pirate ship is a world unto him or herself.

Read on to discover the adventurous histories of our most mischievous pirates.

Captain Black Jack pirates jolly roger

- Captain Black Jack -

Pirate Carlota pirates jolly roger

- Pirate Carlota -

El Chaman “Chamie” pirates jolly roger

- El Chaman “Chamie” -

Pirate Mantarraya Stingray Jones pirates jolly roger

- Pirate Mantarraya Stingray Jones -

Valkyrie pirates jolly roger

- Valkyrie -

Rasta pirates jolly roger

- Rasta -

Logan pirates jolly roger

- Logan -

Kraken pirates jolly roger

- Kraken -