Top 5 Scary Sea Monster Myths

For centuries, stories about sea monsters have intrigued our imagination, despite whether they were real or not. The ocean is large and mighty, and only a small portion of it has even been explored. People across the world respect the ocean and everything that lives in it. For some people, tales about sea monsters incite fear. Do you want to learn more about what possibly lives deep in the ocean? Read below to learn about the six tales about scary sea monsters. 


Legend goes that there is a spirit that lives in rivers, streams, and ponds known as the Vodyanoy. According to East Slavic traditional stories, the Vodyanoy is a very large male that is said to have a very wide face that is mostly covered with long green hair. In fact, his beard is so long that it reaches his feet. The Vodyanoy would camouflage himself on the shore of the river as a stunning flower, so he could lure young innocent girls to come closer. In fact, Vodyanoy was blamed for drowning many villagers along with creating floods. Some people claim that the tale of the Vodyanoy originated from the sad spirit of a man who committed suicide and was very fearful of saint waters. Consequently, people try to protect themselves from the Vodyanoy by blessing rivers and ponds where they believe he lives. 

Bishop Fish 

In Poland, way back in 1531 the bishop fish ocean creature was caught. The bishop fish wouldn’t eat and died just a few days after he was caught. In the thirteenth century, a very similar story about an ocean creature that was caught in a fishing net, but was set free after he begged for its life. Many people think that the bishop fish story came from a huge squid that was seen in 1861 near the Canary Islands. The head is shaped like an elliptical and looks close to a bishop’s hat. 


From 1603 through 1867 was a time when Japan’s economy was agriculturally based. This period was known as the Edo Era. Supposedly, an ocean creature named Amabie gave advice on how to improve harvests and warnings about plagues. One popular story about Amabie said that a worker for the city was trying to identify a very shiny object on the sea’s surface which turned out to be Amabie. Amabie’s body looked like a fish, but without scales. She appeared to the worker and shared a prophecy saying that for the next six years the harvest would be great. 


A scary spirit in Scotland found in the lakes and ocean waters is Each-Usige. The Each-Usige can shift its shape to look like a horse or even an attractive person. If the spirit is in the horse shape, it will let a human ride it. Legend states that if the horse doesn’t go near the waters the human will survive. However, if they do get near the waters, the creature will head into the deepest parts of the water drowning the person. Also, if the spirit takes on the human shape you can tell the difference as there will be seaweed in its hair.  


The Qalupalik is a wicked mermaid that has human-like qualities, but her skin is green and her fingernails are super pointy. She is believed to lure children to the water’s edge when she sings. If children come to the edge, then Qalupalik will eat the children whole to preserve her beauty. This is a mermaid that you don’t want to come in contact with. 


The Yacuruna ocean creature looks similar to people, except it is very hairy with deformed feet. The Yacuruna creates crystal palaces underneath the water to inhabit. Legend says that the Yacuruna will steal women to marry, and over time the women will turn into a Yacuruna as well. 

Across the world, there are many myths about ocean creatures. Are they true? You may only find out if you encounter one in person. Are you willing to get closer to find out?