Health Insurance in Mexico: What to Know

Whether you are traveling on vacation or at home, you should be ready to expect the unexpected. Therefore, it is always a smart idea to have health insurance. For vacationers and expats in Mexico, there are several things to consider when choosing between a travel insurance policy and a long-term health plan. Kepe reading below to learn more. We hope this article helps you decide which type of health insurance policy is right for you.

Health Insurance in Mexico: What to Know

To start with, the length of your stay will be the single biggest factor in determining which policy you should purchase. For shorter stays that last only a few weeks or even months, a travel insurance policy is likely sufficient. Travel policies are typically designed to only cover emergencies like accidents or sudden health issues.  However, if you are an expat who has a second home in Mexico or wants to stay longer, a long-term health insurance plan may make work sense. Private health insurance for expats or foreigners in Mexico is quite affordable. In addition, private hospitals in Mexico employ skilled doctors and are well equipped to deal with most health needs. 

Travel Insurance vs. Long Term Health Insurance

Next, temporary travel insurance is generally designed to cover emergency hospitalization medical expenses. As a result, any minor expenses or regular doctor visits and prescriptions are generally not covered. Also, pre-existing conditions are rarely eligible for coverage with a travel policy.   Also, a travel insurance policy typically has lower limits than a regular long term health plan has. Lastly, many travel insurance companies don’t often have direct contracts with local hospitals and doctors. On the flip side, most major health insurance providers do have an existing relationship with local hospitals and doctors that can make your experience and filing claims easier.  Long term annual health plans can include doctor visits and prescriptions, too. It all depends on the premium and type of coverage you elect. With a long term plan, some pre-existing conditions are even eligible for coverage. Lastly, if you find yourself involved in a severe accident in Mexico or need hospitalization, a travel insurance policy may not be enough to cover all of your medical costs.

Why Choose Long Term Health Insurance 

In Mexico, expats can elect to buy long term health insurance policies to cover them while in Mexico. Policies are well priced when compared with similar policies in the US or Canada. Plus, they are renewable for life, and cover both urgent and non-urgent medical expenses. Also, most policies will also cover recurrences of an illness, disease or accident that arises over the course of the lifetime of the policy. In addition, travel medical insurance policies sometimes have an age limit. That means, older applicants may be denied coverage.  Some companies also tend to reduce benefits as applicants get older. Remember, travel medical insurance is designed for emergencies or life-threatening situations. Any regular treatments that you may need that aren’t emergencies will not be eligible for coverage under a travel plan. For example, cancer treatments, hernia surgery, orthopedic procedures, vision, nasal, mental, and cardiovascular issues won’t qualify for coverage in a travel policy.   

What To Do: How to Choose

If you plan to stay in Mexico for extended periods of time or want more coverage than just emergency services, a long term health policy is the best choice. Take the time to evaluate all of your available options and consider coverage limits. Pre-existing conditions should be taken into consideration as long term plans decide whether to include them on a case-by-case basis. In fact, two people with the same condition and same age can receive a different response from the insurance company. Other factors such as lifestyle, diet, current medications, years with the condition, medical reports, etc will be looked at. Rarely, a pre-existing condition may be accepted, but will likely come with an extra premium, extra deductible, or other restrictions. Also, make sure to thoroughly investigate the health insurance company to confirm they have a history of paying claims in Mexico.  Ask around and see what other expats are using and get their advice on which companies are best in the area you are staying in. 

When traveling or living in Mexico, having the proper health insurance is key. You don’t want your vacation or second home adventures ruined by an unexpected accident or health emergency. We hope this article helped you decide whether a travel policy or long term plan is the smartest choice for you. If you want to have a vacation home in Mexico, consider joining Garza Blanca Resorts exclusive vacation club. They have luxury resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Contact Garza Blanca today to see if you qualify to join the best vacation club in Mexico.