Get to Know Pirate Artist Valkyrie

Get to Know Pirate Artist Valkyrie

On Cancun’s Jolly Roger, visitors will be thrilled with a bevy of engaging and charismatic pirates who come to life in front of their very eyes and add excitement and intrigue to the pirate ship adventure. One of the pirate stars is Valkyrie, who was the daughter of a Viking squire named Engla.  Engla was actually fathered by an unknown pirate himself, and taught his young daughter Valkyrie to use the crossbow and shield when she was still a child. Read below to learn more about pirate Valkyrie and why she became one of Jolly Roger’s key figures that bewilder and entertain tour attendees even today on the Cancun Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure. 


Valkyrie – Born to a Warrior Mother

Valkyrie grew up with a warrior mother and accompanied her on many adventures as a child. On one such trip, they found themselves stranded on an island that housed an old monastery where they were able to obtain provisions and recruit slaves to join them on their adventures. At this secluded monastery, an elderly monk asked Valkyrie to take a strange chest with her. Upon departing the island, it was revealed that the old monk was actually a Shaman who shared the chest’s secrets with Valkyrie while also insisting she keep the contents confidential. Valkyrie did not understand how to use the tools that were found inside the chest, and tried to return it to the Shaman.  Instead, it was revealed that the mysterious chest had chosen Valkyrie as its new owner and the Shaman taught her painting techniques that enhanced her natural artistic abilities. The paint brushes and paintings of the underworld inside the chest were able to foretell the future and reveal one’s fate. The Shaman instructed Valkyrie to continue traveling to and work on perfecting her painting techniques. 


Travelling and Developing her Skills

Valkyrie continued travelling and subsequently discovered many different pigments and learned new painting techniques. She also learn a bit of magic along the way as well as how to fight. While travelling on land during one adventure, she even met other shamans who taught her about the representation of death which inspired Valkyrie to recreate the look using battle makeup. At one point during her travels back at sea, she was captured by pirates who wanted to sell her as a slave. Using her quick wit and creative abilities, Valkyrie was able to negotiate her freedom in exchange for drawing portraits of the narcissistic pirate captains. Famous pirates Blackbeard and Morgan on the original Jolly Roger were quite impressed with her work, and she was soon introduced to Captain Jack Black. Although Captain Jack Black was looking for new crew members, usually women were considered to be bad luck onboard. However, Valkyrie was different. She won over Captain Jack Black not only with her incredible artistic talent, but also earned the respect of crew members who were surprised by her battle skills. 


Caribbean Hopes

Legend goes that Valkyrie visited the Caribbean in hopes of meeting the Shaman again who had promised he would tell her where her father was. Sadly, no recounts remain whether she was able to find out who her father was after all.  Come get to know the talented and beautiful Valkyrie on Cancun’s Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure. Full of action, dramatic acrobatic fights, and gourmet food and open bar, there is no better tour in Cancun who visitors looking for a unique tour. Make sure to get your tickets early as this tour is incredibly popular and sells out fast! Ship ahoy matey!