Fun Projects To Do at Home

Are you looking for fun projects to do at home? As many people have been homebound more than usual during the recent coronavirus and COVID-19 crisis, there’s no time like the present to try some Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. If you find you have extra time on your hands, check out these 5 fun and easy DIY projects you can do at home. DIY projects are a good way to pass the time and make something, too. Read below to learn how to make 5 fun and easy DIY projects at home.

Fun Projects To Do at Home:

1) Upside-Down Tomato Planter

To start with, more people than ever are seeing if they have a green thumb. Gardening has been a favorite pastime for many people for years. Today, many people are deciding to plant their own gardens and grow their own produce. Homegrown food is healthier and tastes delicious, too. If you want to start small, why not make a tomato planter? To start, simply make a hole in the bottom of a bucket that is just large enough to push the plant through. Then, fill the bucket with potting soil leaving 3 to 5 inches of space at the top. Lastly, push in the plant and hang the container from the handle on your hook, bracket or other supporting device. A tomato planter is easy to create and looks great on your patio or in your backyard.

2) Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

To make a unique painted jar, first clean and remove any stickers. To quickly remove stubborn stickers, you can soak the jars in water to make them come off easier. Glue must be removed so the jar is smooth and clean to allow for easy paint application. Then, let jars dry completely. Next, wrap long strings of yarn around the jar several times. When wrapping the yarn around the jar, leave the starting end of the yard open so you can tie them together. Try wrapping the yarn in different patterns to make each jar unique. Once done wrapping, tie the end to keep the yarn in place and cut off any extra yarn from the knot. Lastly, spray paint the outside of the jar evenly including the bottom and inside. You can even mix and match paint colors if you want a multi-colored painted jar. After paint drys, you can slowly remove the yarn to reveal your beautiful handmade designed jar. 

3) Bird Feeder 

Do you enjoy bird watching? Catching a glimpse of a beautiful bird and hearing its song can quickly put a smile on your face. To create a homemade bird feeder, you can reuse leftover items you already have at home. For example, take a clean plastic bottle and poke 2 holes  on opposite sides near the bottom. Then, carefully widen the holes with a pair of scissors. Next, insert a dowel rod, pencil, or wooden chopstick through one hole and out the other to create a perch. Fill with bird seed. Lastly, tie a ribbon or string to the top of the bottle and hang it on your favorite tree or windowsill. 

4) Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones
Leaf imprint stepping stones can easily be made in one afternoon. Kids will love helping create your art and it hardly costs anything to make. First, find a round lid that is an inch or two deep and about 6-8 inches wide. Mix concrete following the bag’s instructions, and then pour concrete mixture into the lid/mold. Next, take a trowel and smooth out the concrete to leave a smooth surface that is free of air bubbles. Then, before the concrete hardens spray the back of the leaf with cooking oil and press firmly into the concrete. The best leaves to make a beautiful imprint are flat, strong, and have thick veins. Lay a few pebbles on top of the leaf to hold it in place. Lastly, cover with a plastic drop cloth and let dry for 24 hours. After you wait a day, carefully remove the leaf and turn the mold upside down to remove it from the lid. Many kinds of leaves work great to create beautiful and functional leaf imprint stepping stones. 

5) Handmade Ornaments

While Christmas is still a half year away, making handmade baked salt dough ornaments is a fun activity to enjoy at home. To begin, prepare dough by mixing flour, salt and water.  Then, roll out your dough and cut out your shapes using cookie cutters. Get creative and make figurines, letters or even numbers. If you have children, invite them to help you as they will love making their own designs.  For example, you can have kids create individual letters to spell out their own names. Don’t forget to poke a hole in the top of each ornament so you can tie a pretty ribbon or string to hang the ornament after it is ready. To finish, bake your ornament at 250 degrees for 2-3 hours. Once it is cooled off, you can tie a ribbon or string through the hole. 

Try out these fun projects to do at home. Let us know how they turned out and which activity was your favorite and why.