All About Fearsome Pirate Blackbeard

One of the most fearsome pirates that existed during the Golden Age of Piracy was the notorious pirate, Blackbeard. Blackbeard was an English pirate whose real name was Edward Teach. Blackbeard reigned during the years from 1716 to 1718 along the east coast of colonial America and throughout the Caribbean. Read more to learn about the fearsome pirate, Blackbeard.

All About Fearsome Pirate Blackbeard

Blackbeard earned his reputation as a fearsome pirate because he showed no mercy to the individuals he kidnapped and numerous unsuspecting victims. In fact, his fearsome demeanor inspired his popularity in the new world. One of his most noteworthy acts of piracy was the blockade of Charles Town in South Carolina. Today the area is known as Charleston, SC. Back in May 1718, Blackbeard successfully captured a group of wealthy English citizens. Then, he  held them for ransom and only released his victims after the government agreed to provide medical supplies to his crew. Later, Blackbeard continued on his way and accidently ran his ship, a French merchant ship named Queen Ann’s Revenge, aground and destroyed her. Rumor has it that Blackbeard intended to run the ship aground in order to get rid of some of his crew members since Blackbeard abandoned the destroyed Revenge and escaped with a few men on a small sloop.

Blackbeard Evades Capture by Pirate Hunters 

Later, despite his naughty ways, Blackbeard was lucky enough to receive a pardon in June 1718. However, although he actually accepted the pardon and gave up his pirate ways, Blackbeard continued to wreak havoc. In fact, he met and began working with fellow pirate Charles Vane to continue to terrorize ships at sea. At this point, the local authorities attempted to intervene. Pirate hunters were even sent by the government to disband this alliance, but Blackbeard and Vane evaded capture.  

The Demise of Blackbeard

However, one day Navy Lieutenant James Maynard of the HMS Pearl caught up with Blackbeard off the North Carolina coast. Maynard was able to surprise Blackbeard and Vane while they were still asleep. Next, a ferocious battle between the two ships which Maynard ultimately won.  He was able to overtake the pirates by hiding extra crew members below deck that overcame the pirates when they boarded the government ship. During the encounter with Maynard’s men, Blackbeard was sliced in the neck and the serious wound left him helpless. He was then killed by several more of Maynard’s crew. As a result, Blackbeard’s crew quickly realized they were done for as well and decided to surrender instead. 

This is the story of Blackbeard, one of history’s most fearsome pirates.