2020 Travel Tips

2020 is the start of a new decade and there have been lots of changes going on around the world. The world seems to be taking a deep breath, pausing and settling into a new routine as we embark on uncharted territories. However, with perseverance and dedication, a sense of normalcy should be within our reach. Once that happens, I’m sure everyone will be ready to get out and travel again and continue having adventures that make life so enjoyable. While your current travel plans may change or be put on hold for a while, here are 2020 travel tips for future vacations once you have the green light to get out and about again. 

Travel Tip 1: Pack Light

Our first 2020 travel tip is to travel light. By using a small suitcase or backpack instead of a huge bag, travelers will be able to get around more easily. That way, travelers with a lighter load can enjoy an increase in ease of mobility. As a result, if you need to get somewhere quickly or more through a crowded space in a hurry, having a smaller bag won’t hold you back. Plus, there are laundromats and laundry services available in most travel destinations. It is easy to drop off and pick up laundry if you extend your vacation or need more clean clothes. 

Travel Tip 2: Avoid Large Crowds

Our second 2020 travel tip is to avoid large crowds. In 2020, we have learned that it is a good idea to try to avoid large crowds and busy locations in general. Whether you are traveling or in your home city, it makes sense to avoid busy areas. Sightseeing can be accomplished early in the morning when less people are likely to be outside. Also, try to avoid public transportation during health crises like the COVID-19 epidemic. Instead, walk or ride bikes to get fresh air as you explore new destinations.  Public transportation often means an increased risk of germs and disease since so many people use public services.

Travel Tip 3: Good Hygiene is Essential

While traveling or at home, it is important to practice good hygiene habits at home to keep you healthy and safe. Regularly wash your hands and try to avoid sick people. Do not touch your hands, face or eyes. Also, you should use disinfecting wipes to clean off any surfaces that possibly come in contact with germs. Warm water and soap are highly effective in cleaning dirty hands. If you don’t have soap or a sink, hand sanitizer or gel is a good back up option. Lastly, avoid shaking hands, hugs or kisses while traveling to keep yourself and others safe from unknowingly spreading germs like the coranavirus.

Travel Tip 4: Maps 

Maps can sometimes be hard to follow and simply exploring new locations aimlessly can be super fun. However, don’t be afraid to use a map. These days, there are many different online maps that are accessible from your phone. When available, paper maps can be useful to get to know a new location, too. 

Travel Tip 5: Ensure Access to your Bank Account 

Unexpected issues can arise when traveling and you don’t want to get caught without any money. Most banks charge a small fee to use ATM’s to withdraw money while traveling. However, most cards allow you to use your card for purchases at restaurants and shops without added fees. In order to be sure, check with your specific credit card company before you travel to verify. Also, in case you happen to lose a card, a back-up card for emergencies is a smart idea. In case you lose your card or have it stolen, you will still be able to access funds using your back-up card.

We hope our 2020 travel tips are useful. Hopefully, you will be able and be ready to take your next vacation before you know it. Now, the only question is, where do you want to go first? Cancun, Mexico has incredible weather, beautiful beaches and amazing cuisine. If you want an affordable vacation, Cancun is the perfect choice. Looking for top tours in Cancun? Don’t miss the Jolly Roger pirate ship. It is a popular tour that will impress even the pickiest travelers. Make sure to book your reservation ahead of time as space is limited.