Current Pirate TV Shows: Black Sails and Crossbones

If you’re a pirate fanatic you’ll want to know about these TV shows!

Black Sails


At the beginning of 2014 the TV Network Starz debuted a pirate drama written as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. Black Sails was created by Robert Levine and Jonathan E. Steinberg, but Michael Bat is also onboard as an executive producer. The cast, too, is fantastic; Toby Stephens, Hannah New and Luke Arnold take the helm with skill.

Black Sails centres on the the tale of Captain Flint who has gained a reputation for being the most brilliant, skilled, and fearless of the Golden Age pirates, as well as being the most feared. In the first episode we are told that in 1715 the West Indian island of New Providence was threatening the maritime trade region. The laws of every nation, every civilized nation, declare them to be “hostis humani generis”; enemies of all mankind. In response to this branding the pirates develop their own maxim… “war against the world”.
Flint crusades for the survival of the New Providence island. This paradise of debauchery is teeming with prostitutes, pirates, thieves and even the odd fortune seeker, too, but is under threat from British and Spanish forces. In order to survive he aligns himself with Eleanor Guthrie, child of the local kingpin in order to ensure the continuation of the settlement. In the way, however, are rival Captains, Eleanor’s father and Long John Silver; a young, silver tongued sailor who delights in flouting the rules.

Black sails has been a hit of a show since it’s release and season two is well under way!



Crossbones is an American made series that was aired on NBC in 2014 that centres around Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. The life of Blackbeard, played phenomenally talented actor John Malkovich, is fictionalized in this series and takes place around the 1720’s. Created for television by James V. Hart and Amanda wells, Crossbones was based on a book called The Republic of Pirates which was written by Colin Woodard.

The series begins when, in 1715, the devilishly clever pirate Edward Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard, rules a group of outlaws on the Bahamian island of New Providence. This town was half shanty-town and half buccaneers haven and it’s unique society proves to be a threat, believe it or not, to international commerce. Tom Lowe is a skilled assassin charged with getting Blackbeard off the scene, so to speak, but he’s taken in by Teach’s charisma and intelligence. Nonetheless Lowe is not the only danger to face our hero; rivals and passionate women will rock his boat too.