Do you have plans to travel this summer? If so, you probably already know that Mexico is a top tourist destination that attracts visitors from all around the world. People instantly fall in love with the country’s beautiful scenery, delicious cuisine, and welcoming locals. Plus, there are travel deals and affordable flights available right now so you can vacation in style while staying on budget, too. One of the most popular locations to visit includes Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. There, some of the country’s most beautiful beaches are located and there are great tours that the whole family will love such as the Jolly Roger pirate ship. If you’re planning to visit Mexico this summer, read our vacation travel tips below. This helpful information can make your vacation experience even more enjoyable.

Tip #1 Restroom Signs

Vacation Travel Tips

To begin with, something you may not think about when going to Mexico is that some of the bathroom signs may be difficult to interpret. Some male English-speaking travelers make a common mistake when they visit Mexico and go into the women’s bathroom by mistake because “Mujeres” means Women in Spanish. So, if you see an “M” that means that is the ladies restroom. The men’s restroom will have an “H” on the door, which means “Hombres”. Other words may be “Damas” for the ladies room, or “Caballeros” which stands for Gentleman. 

Tip #2  Immigration Paper Slip (FMM)

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Secondly, an immigration paper slip (FFM) is handed to travelers that are visiting Mexico when they go through Immigration and Customs. When you visit Mexico, you will have to fill out the section at the bottom of an immigration form that has a break-away paper at the bottom. The immigration officer will review your Passport and return it to you with a paper slip inside of it. This paper slip is proof that you are visiting Mexico legally. It’s important to not lose the paper because travelers have to hand in the immigration paper slip (FFM) at the airport when they enter the country. Any travelers that lose the immigration form will have to pay a fine so take care to not lose it.  

Tip #3 Water Bottle with Filtering System

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Thirdly, Mexico has many modern conveniences that it didn’t use to have a few decades ago. Some places have excellent water filtration systems in place, especially high-end resorts. However, to prevent yourself from getting sick, it’s best to avoid drinking tap water in Mexico. You can ask the resort or hotel if they have a quality filtration system in place. To reduce the amount of plastic you use to protect the environment, a smart move is to bring a filtered water bottle with you on your vacation. Purchasing plastic water bottles can become very expensive and they are bad for the environment, too. As a smart alternative, the LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle is an excellent option that allows you to filter tap water so it is safe to use during your trip and it’s environmentally-friendly, too.  

Tip #4 Use a VPN to Protect Digital Information

Use a VPN
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More than ever, it’s important to protect your digital information at all times. Especially when traveling, you could inadvertently put your banking and personal information at risk if you don’t take the proper precautions. For example, if you plan to work on vacation or access private information on your electronic devices, make sure to use a VPN. A reputable VPN provider is Tunnelbear, and it only costs $39 US dollars annually. A VPN will keep your virtual information safe so you can travel without becoming a victim to a costly and stressful identity theft scam situation. 

Tip #5 Use the Bus System 

Use the Bus System 

Many people are not aware that Mexico has an excellent private bus system. If you plan to travel within the country or between destinations, look into taking a bus instead of renting a car or flying. The premium buses are very comfortable with large, comfy seats, personal television, WiFi, men’s and women’s bathrooms, air conditioning, and more. Plus, they aren’t very expensive when compared to airline ticket costs. Plus, the Mexican countryside is beautiful and it’s a great way to see more of the country’s natural beauty. Two of the best bus providers are ETN and Primera Plus. This is a must known between our vacation travel tips!

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Mexico

If you’re dreaming of booking a vacation to Mexico, why wait any longer? Summer is here and it’s time to pamper your family with a getaway to paradise. Remember, Cancun is a top tourist destination that has beautiful beaches, tons of outdoor activities, and exciting tours the whole family will love. One of the top Cancun activities is the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour. One of Cancun’s most popular tours, the 3 hour adventure is guaranteed to be one of your family’s favorite vacation memories. You can expect tons of excitement as you enjoy world class entertainment including singing, dancing, and acrobatic fighting. There is also a delicious gourmet dinner and premium open bar. Tours can also be combined with visits to local Mayan ruins including the famed Chichen Itza. Special travel deals are available right now so check their website to take advantage of promotions while they are still available.  So, take advantage of these vacation travel tips and… See you at the beach!