Cancun Incentive Groups

Need to inspire your team? Want to treat your executives for reaching their goals and encourage more sales? Or perhaps you wish to celebrate a successful year at your firm. Whatever your reason for forming a Cancun incentive group, the Jolly pirate ship can offer a host of fun ideas.

Why choose the Jolly Roger pirate ship for your Cancun Incentive groups?

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship is now making itself available for incentive groups, whether it’s for team building activities, a corporate get together or a fun trip among the company’s executives, it sure spells one magical day or night pirate style.

A Company Event To Remember

Wouldn’t it be nice to explore the oceans together and create a solid bonding that would be beneficial for every member of your company? The Jolly Pirate Ship tour is the perfect solution so that teams can unite as one as they take a unique journey together. The Jolly Roger’s incentive groups are ideal for staff training, group incentive tours or a motivating sales trip. An exciting experience awaits, where participants get to live the pirate life and bond.


Enjoy this opportunity to provide your employees with a fun way of getting together, socializing and inspiring new ideas. Give them a good reason to love their job and give that extra mile. Here are some reasons why you should consider the Cancun incentive group services of the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship.

  • It’s an excellent incentive for top performing executives
  • It’s a fun way to celebrate your company’s achievement.
  • It motivates employees to give that extra mile
  • Enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico: Cancun

Experience Cancun at its Best

For a change, it’s time to consider hosting your company’s gatherings on the high seas instead of the usual settings. Cancun’s warm temperatures, the blue Caribbean sea and the magnificent sunshine make your incentive group tour such an amazing experience. What sets the Jolly Pirate Ship tour apart from the other boat trips is the lineup of enjoyable activities you can take part in. If you hire the whole ship for your incentive group tour during the day, you might like to enjoy a snorkeling adventure or a visit to the famed Mujeres Island. Your group can even choose to depart in the afternoon, falling victim to the fun pirate antics and acrobatics. The evening glows with fireworks, creating drama in the darkness of the night. Now, is there a better way to hold your incentive group events?

Cancun at its Best


The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship tour in Cancun remains as the favorite for incentive group tours, team building and corporate events, where fun is built with a purpose.