Mexico Vacation? COVID Test Info

Are you ready to escape to sunny Cancun for a dream vacation in Mexico? It’s been a challenging year and many people are not traveling right now. However, a vacation to Mexico is still possible if you follow the proper precautions.  The CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently issued new travel regulations that affect travelers returning to the US. Right now, all travelers must provide a negative antigen COVID-19 test before they are allowed to board their flight. Likewise, Canadian travelers must show a negative PCR test. Read more below about COVID test info if you have a trip planned to Mexico in the near future.  

Negative COVID Test Needed  

For travelers that take a vacation to Mexico, they are now required to show proof of a negative COVID test before they can board their plane. That way, travelers will not spread the virus to others if they are sick and do not realize it. Travelers heading to the US must show a negative antigen test, and Canadians must show a negative PCR test. In addition, the negative COVID test must be completed within the last 72 hours prior to the passenger’s flight in order to be valid. All airlines are now requiring a negative test at check in. If a passenger does not comply and show evidence of a negative COVID test, they will be unable to board their flight. Remember, make sure to schedule your test within 72 hours before you travel to make sure you can avoid travel delays. Americans need a negative antigen COVID test and Canada requires a negative PCR COVID test.

COVID Safety For Travelers

In Mexico, many resorts, restaurants and tour companies have taken many measures to make it safe for tourists to visit. If you take a Cancun vacation, book a tour on the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour. It is one of Cancun’s top tours. They have numerous COVID safety measures in place to keep guests safe to enjoy a fun day on the Caribbean Sea. For example, social distancing is practiced on board the Jolly Roger, and guests are provided with a sanitized faceguard. Plus, common areas are regularly deep cleaned and sanitized. Guests will be able to enjoy a Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure and stay safe, too. The Jolly Roger has limited capacity in order to comply with COVID safety regulations, so contact them today to reserve your spot. They even have special promotions going on right now, too. 

CDC Travel Regulations for COVID 

The CDC is short for the Center for Disease and Presentation Control. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they work to protect the wellbeing and safety of the American people. Right now, the CDC is trying to issue regulations to slow the COVID virus from spreading. Different strains of COVID are emerging and many hospitals are full. New cases are on the rise, so COVID test requirements for travelers is an effort to eliminate sick people from traveling. That way, the risk of transmission by air should be reduced. In addition, the COVID vaccine is being administered in the US, Canada and around the world. For vacationers that want to visit Mexico right now, they can enter the country without a COVID test. However, it is a smart idea to take a test before you travel. 

If you go to Mexico for vacation, you can do so and remain safe if you follow proper guidelines. Remember to schedule your COVID test within the 72 hours before your return flight to avoid travel delays. Always practice safe social distancing and wear face masks in public. Do not travel while sick, and regularly wash your hands. These tips will help protect traveler’s health and reduce the spread of the virus. If you go to Cancun, don’t forget to book your Jolly Roger pirate ship tour. Travelers can enjoy world class entertainment in a safe environment. They have strict COVID safety measures in place to keep guests safe as they enjoy a fun day cruising the Caribbean Sea. Contact the Jolly Roger today to reserve your spot as space is limited!