Who is the Real Captain Hook and his Pirate Ship?

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We all know him as the unutterably evil ‘Hook’, but his full name, as he was created by J.M. Barrie in the Peter Pan children’s story and play, was Captain James Hook and he played the part of Peter Pan’s archenemy and nemesis. Captain Hook was the captain of the Jolly Roger pirate ship in the fictional location of Neverland, who spent his days seeking revenge on Peter Pan and avoiding the crocodile who ate his hand after a battle with his enemy, Peter.

Captain Hook and His Pirate Ship Up Close


Captain Hook is described in Peter Pan as being ‘’cadaverous’’ and ‘’blackavised’’, with blue eyes and long dark curly hair which resembles black candles. He is the main villain in Neverland and is, as such, the archenemy of Peter Pan and his lost boys. Captain Hook was also described in the book as once being the ‘boatswain to Blackbeard’ the pirate, a pedigree with certain weight behind it, and as sporting an iron hand. This is, not surprisingly, where adage “hook” comes from.

Hook and the Crocodile

The most memorable thing about Captain Hook, perhaps, is the fact that he is always plagued by the sound of a ticking clock coming from inside a crocodile that bit off his hand. This ticking is a constant reminder of the croc’s presence, and some say an allusion to the adult recognition of mortality. Whether on land on on his pirate ship, Hook is always on the look out for either Peter or the crocodile.

Why does Captain Hook Hate Peter Pan?

The whole premise behind Captain Hooks hatred for Peter Pan comes from the fight on his pirate ship during which he lost his hand to the crocodile. As a result, Hook spent most of his time throughout the book searching for Peter Pan aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship. At the very end of the book Hook challenges Peter Pan to an almighty duel which ends with Peter winning the duel and throwing Hook overboard and, once again, into the jaws of the waiting croc.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship


The Jolly Roger is the fictional pirate vessel which is home to the nefarious Captain Hook and his crew of pirates, and it is known to be the only place in Neverland that is truly pirate territory. It is the place where, in the end, the final showdown takes place, where Captain Hook makes Wendy and some others walk the plank, and generally where the action takes place during the book which is a tale of action, mystery and magic set in a world where children never grow up!