The Reality of Pirates

So, you think you are an expert on pirates? You think you know all there is to know about them? Well, you might know a lot, but I am sure you will be surprised on the facts that we have supplied. If by chance we missed a good fact, then add it at the bottom of the blog in the comment box supplied. Here you will find the reality of pirates.

ship pirates

Antique illustration of a Human Skull and Bones

Argghh, Some Top Pirate Facts

✓ Many pirate ships would run on a voting system, which we refer to as the ‘democratic’ system. This allowed each pirate to vote on the direction and mission that the ship would head to.

✓ Pirates were very wise. When they thought for any reason that their pirate ship was being captured, then the pirates would quickly change into old clothing that would easily blend in with other members on the ship, so they could get away quickly and with ease.

✓ Crossbones and a skull was The Jolly Roger Flag that was often flown in the Caribbean. Most pirates stuck to flying just a plain black flag, but if you wanted to scare other pirate ships without going into battle, then they would fly The Jolly Roger Flag.

✓ Whistling was not allowed on a pirate ship, because it was thought to bring bad luck to the ship. If a pirate would whistle into the wind, then this was even worse, because it would mean that pirate was challenging the wind to battle.

✓ Another bad luck to do was to have women on the pirate ship. The Blackbeard’s ship was often known to have women on their ship, but most pirate ships didn’t, because they thought it would bring bad luck upon their voyage, and men would fight amongst each other for the women.

✓ Ever since the Egyptians times pirates have been around. It has been known that pirates have been around from the 1500’s through the 1720’s.

✓ If you were a carpenter on a pirate ship, then you were an important member of the ship, because a carpenter was able to build onto the ship, make it stronger for battle, and add rooms that was needed for the pirates.

✓ Many people don’t know that pirates wore earrings for their eyesight, and not for their appearance. Pirates thought earrings would increase their eyesight.

✓ Edward Teach was a famous pirate. Who was he? Blackbeard was Edward Teach. He had diabetes, which is why he had a peg leg. He didn’t lose his leg in a pirate ship battle.