Premium Tour – Mayan Ruins and Pirate Ship

You can take advantage of the two most sought out and amazing adventures that comes in one premium tour combo. You will be able to visit the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and go on an exploration on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship that is on the Caribbean Sea. Currently, you can upgrade your combo package into the premium tour package that provides you with added inclusions and extra privileges with the Mayan Ruins on the Chichen Itza tour and the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship on the Caribbean Sea.


Look Below at the Premium Tour Packages – Chichen Itza and the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship:


Chichen Itza Premium Tour



The Chichen Itza Premium Tour will provide you and your family with the day full of adventure that takes you to the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. The Mayan Ruins are an example of the Mayan era architecture. The Mayan Ruins are UNESCO certified and protected site and is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and once you experience them firsthand, then you will see why. You can take your time exploring the Mayan pyramid, then think about what the lives were like for the Mayan people hundreds and hundreds of years ago.


The Chichen Itza Premium Tour also takes you to the city of Valladolid where you and your family will enjoy the Xcajum cenote, which is a natural hole in the water, so swimming activities are more exciting and fun. The premium tour also provides a delicious buffet and all the drinks you want all day, then a professional guide is present to give you information and facts about all the exhibits at Chichen Itza, and all of this is included with the premium tour price.


Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show Premium Tour

The combo premium tour includes the pirate ship show and performance aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate ship, which is one of the most sought out boat tours in Cancun. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship show provides adventure, excitement, and fun while you are sailing on the beautiful Caribbean Sea. You will be provided with fine entertainment and Captain Grinch’s collection of the best drinks will be provided too.


The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show Premium Tour is an excellent way to give your family a treat as you and your family will enjoy a delicious dinner, all the drinks you want, dancing, and entertainment. As guests aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship you will have a great time and a night that you and your family will never forget. If you are afraid that you may forget, then you can purchase a video to remember the night. The premium tour provides you with three and a half hours of pirate fighting and mischief, so when you leave the pirate ship, you and your family will be smiling from ear to ear. The premium tour provides each member with a first-class meal of lobster and surf and turf options. Yummy!


If you would like to upgrade to the premium tour, reserve your spot today!