Are you planning a party soon for yourself, a friend or your child? If so, it’s always fun to have a theme to engage your guests and create an upbeat ambiance. Have you thought about pirate themed parties? There are lots of easy ways to incorporate pirate themes into your party and your guests will enjoy joining in on the fun, too. Keep reading below to learn some tips and ideas to have a successful pirate themed party! 

Pirate Party Invitations

Message in a bottle
message in a bottle on the beach

To start with, you can send out invites with a pirate theme to get your event started off on the right foot. If you send an electronic invite, you can add pirate images to create a festive message. Or if you want to be old fashioned, why not hand out your invites in person? Try creating a simple map in a bottle invite. Just take an empty, add some sand and roll up your map (invitation) inside. It’s a creative and fun way to get everyone in the mood to party like a pirate

Decorations and Costumes 

Kid dressed as a pirate

Next, make sure to ask your guests to come in costume for your party. It’s easy to find pirate costumes online, or you can even create your own with a striped t-shirt, black leggings and an eye patch. At your party, why not use decorations to add to the fun? You can use a black and white tablecloth with red accents that is a nod to a typical pirate’s outfit. You can add tattered pirate flags with skulls as centerpieces. For some added fun, through some faux jewels or gold foil covered chocolates to represent treasure. 

Pirate Party Snacks

Pirate Themed Parties
Birthday party sweets table for boy in yellow and black pirate theme

Wondering what kind of snacks to have at your pirate themed party? Why not try to choose items that can represent pirate images. For example, you can have a bowl of Black Gumballs to represent cannon balls. Maybe try some Gummy Coke Bottles that are reminiscent of Captain’s Rum? Even Swedish Fish could be used as Fish Bait. For healthier fare, you can make cute little fruit boats using slices of oranges, slices of bananas and grapes held together with toothpicks. 

Pirate Party Games

treasure in a desert

A treasure hunt is always a crowd pleaser and the perfect touch at pirate themed parties whether your party is for kids or grown ups. You can hide a treasure and create clues throughout the house or yard for guests to search for the hidden treasure. Another fun game that both kids and adults will enjoy is a “walk the plank” game.  You can easily create a homemade plank with a wooden board that is secured to blocks or bricks at both ends. For added fun, fill a small kiddie pool with water and place it under the plank. Party guests that can successfully walk across the blank without falling in could win a simple prize.   

Pirate Themed Parties at the Jolly Roger

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So, what are you waiting to plan some pirate themed parties? Tag us on instagram if you dare to party in full pirate style!