Pirate Ship Tour and Show in Cancun

Try to imagine the scene: a wooden pirate ship that is authentic, pirate swashbuckling, dancing, music, acrobatics, and a gourmet dinner that is three courses. This is the best pirate ship show in Cancun. Ahoy mateys!

The pirate ship tour and show in Cancun is three and a half hours of pirate adventure that is bilingual. There is an open bar available with delicious drinks served during the entire tour and show, and many tasty dinner options. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour and Show in Cancun is an adventure and fun for the entire family. Argggh you ready to enjoy the best pirate ship adventure tour and show in Cancun?

Best Pirate Show and Dinner Ever


The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour and Show in Cancun will provide guests with a pirate battle on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico. The pirates will be having a sword acrobatic fight and hanging from ropes while cannons are being show, so the guests will feel like they are seeing an actual pirate duel. The wooden ship is a replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship that was wooden called the Santa Maria. This was the ship that Christopher Columbus sailed to America during the sixteenth century.


The Schedule

Guests will arrive to the Embarcadero Playa Linda, which is located in the Hotel Zone in Cancun, Mexico. As guests aboard the ship the pirates will being fun and exciting activities and there will be contests for guests to participate in while the ship is touring the Cancun Bay. The waiter will be a pirate who will start you off with a domestic beer, cocktail, or a beverage that is non-alcoholic. This will get you ready to enter the “pirate zone” until the exciting entertainment starts. After guests have enjoyed delicious drinks, dancing, and other entertainment, then dinner will be served, where guests will enter the galley for, and then the acrobatics, cannon firing, rope swinging, and beautiful fireworks will unfold.

The Schedule Includes:

  • 6:30pm Departure from El Embarcadero Playa Linda
  • 7”00pm Introduction from crew and activities begin
  • 8:00pm Dinner is served
  • 8:45pm-9:20pm the pirate show
  • 9:25pm Time for Party
  • 10:00pm Ship returns to El Embarcadero Ferry

Times can vary, so please check the times with your reservation.

Dine Like a Captain

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour and Show in Cancun provides guests with a delicious dinner with many different side dishes, salads, appetizers, and a special kids menu is available for the little pirates. Guests must pre-order their dinner choices, which include Chicken Cordon Blue, Fish Filet, Filet Mignon, and for the vegetarians there is a vegetarian menu, which includes Vegetarian Lasagna and Cheese Ravioli. Guests can also choose to order from the premium menu that offers Lobster. Dinner will be served with wine and drinks from the open bar and a salad bar is available too.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour and Show in Cancun invites you and your family to aboard a replica pirate ship that is packed with adventure, excitement, fireworks, and fun for the entire family. You will enjoy a tasty gourmet dinner that is prepared by the chef aboard the ship. A three and a half hours of fun and adventure is guaranteed.