Do you or your little one love pirates and you are thinking about having a Pirate Themed Birthday Party or event? There are many party favors and ideas that will help make your pirate themed party the best day ever. From searching for buried treasure to walking the plank, your party goers will be ready to say ahoy!


  • Pirate Party Invitations – Start your pirate party with a cute invitation. If you plan on handing them out in person, why not create a map in a bottle invite? All you need is a little sand, a map themed invite rolled up with twine, and maybe some coins, and you will have a memorable invitation that will delight.
  • Pirate Party Decorations – In honor of the traditional red and white striped pants pirates were known for, why not use red and white striped tablecloths?  It will make a splash especially if you add some black tablecloth panels for contrast. A tattered pirate flag could be placed in the middle as a centerpiece, possibly surrounded by gold foil covered chocolate coins. Always a crowd pleaser for kids!
  • Pirate Party Food – Why not use some popular snacks to complete your pirate themed party? Ring Pops could double as Crown Jewels, Black Gumballs could be cannon Balls, and Gummy Coke Bottles could serve as Captain’s Rum.  Swedish Fish could also be used as Bait.
  • Pirate Party Activities & Favors – Kids love to “walk the plank” so create your own with  sturdy wooden board secured to blocks, bricks, or crates at both ends. Place a kiddie pool underneath filled with water and throw in some inflatable sharks to add drama.  Every child who successfully walks across without falling in wins a prize. Another good idea revolves around the black balloons that are posing as cannon balls. Set your balloon cannon balls outside and have your guests try to pop them by sitting on the balloons till they pop. Easy and fun!
  • Dress for a Pirate Party – Dressing up your little one for their pirate party is a piece of cake. The main ingredients are eye patches, a red bandana to wrap around their head, and a black pirate hat. Red bandanas and pirate hats could be found at a local costume shop, and if you buy in bulk shouldn’t break the bank. Or ask your guests to come dressed in their best pirate gear and have a contest for the best dressed pirate.  


It’s time to make your invitations, and organize yourself for your Pirate party. Time to party like a pirate!