Pirate Lingo. Talk like a Pirate!


A – B
Learning to talk like a pirate in preparation for your pirate ship night out in Cancun on the Jolly Roger is easy. Take a look at this month’s Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger slang tips:

Pirate Slang A – B
Addle – Pirate for “insane” or “stupid”.
Ye be a complete addle!

Ahoy – Pirate for hello.
Ahoy there mates!

Arr – A pirate expression to show all kinds of emotions, approval, anger, annoyance and pain.
Arr, she be a beauty!
Arr, bin bitten by a shark!

Avast! – Pirate for “hey” or “stop.”
Avast! Who goes there?

Be – Pirate for “am,” “are”, is
I be mighty famished
He be a big lad

Begad! – Pirate for “oh my God
Begad, I spy wit me eye a ship a sinkin

Belay – Pirate for “stop
Belay your mouth” (shut up!)

Bilge-sucking – A pirate insult. Bilge is the dirty water at the bottom of the ship.
Ye be a bilge-sucking addle!

Black Spotted – Pirate for someone with the mark of death upon them or a person sentenced to death.
He be black spotted…

Blaggard – A pirate insult.
That blaggard stole me treasure”

Blimey! – A pirate expression of surprise.
Blimey, that’s great booty!

Booty – Pirate for “Loot” – stolen goods from an enemy.
Grab the booty n’ be gone!

Bucko – Pirate for “friend
Come n’ have a swig of rum me bucko