Pirate Lingo “C – E”


Here are some more Cancun Jolly Roger Pirate Ship lingo tips to get you talking like a pirate:

Pirate Slang C – E

Cackle Fruit – pirate for “eggs.”
I be gettin’ me some cackle fruit for breakfast

Cap’n – An abbreviation for “Captain”.
Aye, aye Cap’n!

Carouser – A pirate party-animal who likes rowdy drinking.
He be a carouser, drinking all the grog.”

Cat o’nine tails – Pirate slang for a whip used for flogging which has many lashes.
Cat o’ nine tails for anyone who disobeys me orders, argghh!

Chantey – Songs sung by sailors and pirates (alternative spellings shantey / Shanty)
Brin’ out the rum and let’s sing a chantey

Clap o’ Thunder – A really strong alcoholic beverage.
Aye, it be past 11am, time for a clap o thunder.”

Chase – Pirate for “following” or “pursuing” a ship
We got a chase on, mateys! Follow that ship!”

Come About – To turn a pirate ship around to face the wind fully or to turn and face an enemy.
Come about boys, we got a battle to fight!

Davy Jones’ locker – Pirate speak for “deep under the sea” (grave)
Hand over the booty or you be visiting Davy Jones’ locker!

Dance the Hempen Jig – Pirate for “hanging”
Careful, mateys! Ye don’t want to be dancing the hempen jig

Deadlights – Pirate speak for “eyes”
Open yer deadlights matey an’ see for yerself.”

Dead Men Tell No Tales – Pirate lore: it’s better to leave no survivors so they can’t get you into trouble.
Send em all to Davy Jones’ locker, after all, dead me tell no tales.

Dog – A light pirate insult, could even be used between friends.
Aye, matey, you be a dog!

Doubloon – a valuable Spanish gold coin
X marks the spot where there be a treasure chest full of doubloons for the takin’ mateys.