Family Fun for Summer on the Jolly Roger

Are you tired of the the same old activities during your summer family vacation? Why not try hopping on board the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun? This cruise ship traveling on the waters of the Mexican Caribbean will fill your family getaway with lasting and unique memories with its awesome pirate scenarios, bandit-like activities, swashbuckling shows, and dinners fit for the wild buccaneers of the seas.

Family Fun for Summer

From the youngest to the seasoned traveler, your whole family will get a chance to enjoy the life of a pirate. Kids can be part of a real treasure hunt while on-board. The ship itself is a sight to behold. The Jolly Roger ship was constructed as a copy of the Santa Maria. This ship was one of the original ships which Christopher Columbus took with him on his first voyage to the Americas in the 16th century. The ship will help you experience the past while you indulge yourself with the modern amenities within it. Pirate waiters will make sure you and your family get the most relaxing and enjoyable Caribbean Sea experience this summer. Pirates will provide you with bottomless drinks and palatable meals which you have pre-ordered for this summer tour for all the family on the Jolly Roger.

Summer Adventure on the Jolly Roger

Your summer pirate adventure begins as soon as you arrive to the port once you are greeted by fierce-looking pirates at Cancun’s Playa Linda Pier in the hotel zone. The first thing you must do upon entering the ship is to try one of the various domestic drinks to get you into the pirate mood. These drinks include wine, cocktails, beer, and even non-alcoholic drinks. The summer festivities will begin with more drinking and dancing working up your taste buds for the luxurious meals that follow afterwards. These drinking, dancing, and dining will take you into the pirate world for three and a half hours.

Dinner is served!


The food feast served in the belly of this ship is composed of three-course meals. You get to choose your drinks between red or white wine. There are two types of menu options. Regular menus have five meals including two meals for vegetarians and children, as well as premium options. Among the regular meals are: cheese-and-spinach stuffed chicken breast served with poblano sauce, fish with herb fillet and white wine sauce, filet mignon with plum or pepper sauce, cheese ravioli or vegetarian lasagna. In the premium menu, you will get lobster meals like grilled lobster tail in butter-and-garlic sauce or lobster with mignon fillet. Aside from these you get to choose from their varieties of garnishes, baked goodies, and salads.



After an appetizing dinner, the family summer show shifts into high gear as Jolly Roger pirates involve themselves into suspense swordfights, acrobatics with wild rope exhibitions, special effects, and dazzling fireworks. These will transform the ship into a real pirate scenario amidst the Mexican Caribbean. Pirate fights and cannon sounds on the background will create goosebumps and pounding hearts. Either the show will keep the suspense in the air or you’re slapping yourself hard while laughing on the hilarious twists and turns of this unbelievable show.

For the best family fun this summer, choose the Jolly Roger Pirate ship.