Whether you are preparing for a Halloween bash or a festive costume party, dressing up like a pirate in a convincing getup can be a blast. While your clothing choices certainly matter, taking on the persona of a pirate with plenty of attitude will help you make your look even more believable. Use words like “ahoy” throughout the party, pretend to be a bit tipsy by slurring your words, strut around with pirate swagger and adopt a tough attitude. Consider investing in some quality items that can be worn on several occasions (you could even use your costume every Halloween or each time you go to a costume party) because the more impressive your pirate ensemble looks, the more excitement it will stir up. Channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow with these ideas below:

Start With the Right Grooming

No matter how great your outfit may be, a truly convincing look is a head-to-toe commitment. Due to the long hours they spent on a ship’s deck in the sun, pirates had a perpetual tan. All you need to replicate it is some foundation that is a couple of shades deeper than your natural skin or brush on plenty of bronzer. Pirates of both sexes should experiment with smoky eye makeup and smudged eyeliner. Wavy, flowing hair can be achieved with sea-salt spray or a wig if you have short hair.

Outfit Yourself

What a pirate wore was based on their position on the ship as well as how wealthy and successful they were. Most captains would own many ensembles suited to various occasions, while pirate seamen down on their luck sometimes only owned one tattered outfit. To dress like a pirate captain, choose an embellished frock coat, or go with a waistcoat to reflect the look of an officer. Regardless of the rank you’re after, donning a loose-fitting poofy shirt in white or natural that is tucked into your pants is an ideal top. Knee breeches can be chosen for a formal look or slops (slouchy wide pants used by sailors) for a relaxed pirate seamen’s getup. Your ensemble will feel even more authentic if your clothing looks faded or has patches or rips. Footwear options range from boots and buckle shoes to rugged sandals.

Complete Your Pirate Look with Props

If you want to make your ensemble even more remarkable, add a few well-placed props and accessories. A leather belt is useful for storing your weapons like a fake sword and pistol while a pouch can be used to stash your personal items. Jewelry such as gold hoop earrings and chains are a display of both style and wealth, and a tricorn (three-cornered) hat adds a great touch. While you definitely don’t need them all, you can also add an eye patch, a spyglass, a bandana, a bottle of rum or temporary tattoos that feature images like a skull and crossbones or an anchor for extra flair.

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