If there’s one thing a pirate loves more than treasure and adventure, it’s to eat and drink! And that’s why the motley crew of the Jolly Roger pirate ship in Cancun will be plying you with your favorite tipples and grub to ensure you get fully into the pirate spirit. Arrggghhh!

From the minute you hand over your fate to Captain Morgan and become aspiring pirates, you will start on a wild adventure into the high seas and culinary heaven.

Pirate Grub
Honorary shipmates have a choice of meals when you make your reservation, with the premium menu including Lobster or Surf and Turf (Steak and Lobster). On the regular menu, you can enjoy Filet Mignon with Shrimp Brochette, Cordon Bleu Chicken Breast stuffed with ham and cheese or Fish Fillet Stuffed with Cheese and Mango Sauce. Pirate vegetarians (by golly they do exist begad!) can enjoy delicious vegetarian lasagna or ravioli. And let’s not forget our mini-pirates; there’s a yummy Kids Meal with choice of Hot Dog or Nuggets with French Fries.

Pirate Grog
We’ll keep the grog a-coming as long as you are enjoying yourself. All pirates and piratesses over 18 can enjoy the delights of a free bar. Just make sure you behave yourself or Captain Morgan will have you walking the plank!