William Kidd’s Pirate Ship

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The notorious pirate William Kidd captained the pirate ship known as the Adventure Galley, or simply just the Adventure. The Adventure pirate ship was first an English sailing ship that could maneuver through windy conditions and calm conditions due to her rigged sails with oars. Pirate William Kidd acquired the ship in the late 1696’s shortly after her launch a year earlier.

A group of investors purchased the vessel for the Kidd as they wanted him to hunt down pirates and take their bounty, so that the investors could distribute it among themselves. From April 1696-1698 the ship traveled the Indian and Atlantic oceans. She traveled thousands of miles during this time period, but never found any pirates. Kidd was so frustrated that he turned to piracy himself due to pure desperation, turing the Adventure Galley into a pirate ship of the first degree.

A little history about the Adventure pirate ship

The ship was first purchased in August of 1696 for £8,000; the equivalent price today would be around a million dollars. The dockyard in Deptford owned by Captain William Castle made the ship that was launched on December 4th 1695. The ship had a unique design as it had the same combined sails and oars along with three rigged masts and there was also two banks of oars. With this unique design, the ship was able to sail fully up to 14 knots and under oar she could sail 3 knots. The ship could sail with no problem during windy or calm conditions where other ships didn’t have this ability.

A well armed pirate ship

There were 32 guns on the Adventure Galley, so she was well armed. At first, it wasn’t known if the ship would be used by the navy or used for commercial usage. Apparently, the ship wasn’t built well as Kidd faced many problems with her during her short time on the sea. Frequently in those days before regulations, shipyards would use substandard materials to cut corners, then pocket the difference as extra earnings.

The success of the Adventure Galley

Under pirate Kidd, the Adventure Galley pirate ship was successful in capturing two other ships off the Indian Ocean coast, which he brought back to Madagascar. In the spring of 1698, just four years after being built, the vessel started to become rotten and she began to leak, becoming unseaworthy. She was sunk deliberately off the coast on the north east region of Madagascar once anything movable was salvaged.