Who would you be on a pirate ship?

Who would you be on a pirate ship?

The success and endurance of a pirate ship depended upon many factors including the discipline and organization of the crew as well as their morale. Despite what you may have heard pirates actually had a democratic system in place which meant that all crew members had their say. Of course the captain had total authority in battle situations, but outside such moments he had no more or less importance and authority than anyone else.

It surprises many people to know that the wishes of the captain could be overturned by a majority crew vote! Of course, everyone had their own place and duties; everyone on the ship was essential to its running…

Have you ever wondered who you would be aboard a pirate vessel?

Captain of a Pirate Ship

If you are/were to be a pirate captain you’ll need a wealth of experience and a strong sense of justice. Your crew must trust and respect you, and you must be able to keep a cool head during intense situations as you will have complete control in battle; your decisions will be crucial. Charisma, courage, and good fighting skills are your main tools!

Navigator of a pirate ship:

Navigators were the brains of a pirate crew; as a rarity they held special acclaim, and were valued members of the crew in all times, but especially when maps and manuscripts were nowhere to be found. By reading the stars they helped their vessels to safety; you are a guide to the people around you.

Quartermaster of a pirate ship:

A quartermaster managed the supplies and crew of a pirate vessel to make sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible. If you fill this role you’re a problem solver who’s fair, but hard enough to dole out punishment when needed. Your authority and presence are enough to keep many in line, and you’re to be taken seriously. The quartermaster is on par with the captain.

Carpenter aboard a pirate ship:

The captain and quartermaster might keep the crew going, but they depend on the ships carpenter to keep the whole operation afloat… quite literally. A ships carpenter is a resourceful person who’s good at fixing things with what’s to hand. An eye for scavenging and problem solving are must haves along with a willingness to think on your feet. This role really is not for the faint of heart, however; you may have to double up as a surgeon after battles.

Powder Monkey on a pirate ship:

If you’re small, young, and have nerves of steel you could always be a powder monkey. Powder monkeys are quick, brave, and helpful; don’t expect plentiful rewards, however, as there’s always another to take your place if you get demanding.