Pirates and Phantom Islands

During the 18th century the pirate’s world was filled with sea monsters, ghosts and phantom islands. During recorded history, a phantom island was a seemingly real island that would appear on maps, and this would happen for a lengthy period of time and even centuries, but later on they were proven not to exist. Pirates and Phantom Islands go hand in hand.

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Atlantis – The Most Famous Phantom Island

Atlantis is probably the most famous Phantom Island. It was claimed that this island was large, some even claimed it was a small continent. Plato, the famous Greek Philosopher first made reference to this Phantom Island. Plato said that Atlantis was located just past the Hercules pillars or outside of the Mediterranean Sea. He was actually trying to make a point and during his story he claims that the society was technologically advanced, which led to Gods to sink the Atlantis Island due to strictly arrogance of the leaders.

Brasil or Hy-Brasil Phantom Island

Off of the west coast of Ireland was the Brasil or Hy-Brasil Phantom Island. This Phantom Island was believed to be engulfed in a mist and only every seven years could it be seen. Rising out of the morning mists was South America, but explorers believed it was this Phantom Island or an imaginary twin of Ireland.

Saxemberg Phantom Island

The Saxemberg Phantom Island may have really been an existing island. In 1670, the Phantom Island was discovered, then it was seen again in 1804, 1809, and in 1816. The Saxemberg Phantom Island was always seen in the same location. It is believed that the Saxemberg Phantom Island sank during a volcanic event.

Terra Nova Phantom Islands

Icebergs, large seaweed masses, and fog banks have been mistaken as islands. Several Phantom Islands were inspired by Antarctica and in 1968 the Terra Nova Phantom Islands were discovered, and unfortunately they have never been seen again since then.

Rupes Nigra Phantom Islands

Some of the Phantom Islands are actually constructed philosophically. The Rupes Nigra Phantom Island was first created in the 14th century so it could explain why any compass would point north. At that time nobody knew about the Earth having magnetic poles, but then someone invented a magnetic island that was black and in that exact area is what we recognize as magnetic north.

Croakerland Phantom Islands

Numerous Phantom Islands were purely fabricated. Anytime money is involved, just about anything is possible. Robert E. Peary, which is a well-known and famous Arctic explorer created the Croakerland Phantom Island hoax in order to get more financial help from George Crocker who was one of his financial bankers.

California Phantom Islands

California was one of the most famous map errors in history. California was considered a island for almost two hundred years.

Yosemite Rock Phantom Islands

Today, reefs and a few islands still exist. In 1903, the Yosemite Rock Phantom Island was discovered and it is approximately 83°W, 32°S and located Northwest of the Robinson Crusoe Island. This Phantom Island has never been officially disproved and the Operational Navigation Chart of the United States Department of Defense list this Phantom Island as “Existence Doubtful”.

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