Pirate Drink of Choice: Bumbo

Throughout history Pirates have been seen to be—and let’s be honest they HAVE been—the bad boys of the sea. Pirates are the ultimate anti-heros! Not only were they known for being daring, swashbuckling, and all-round badass, but they were well-known for having poor manners and cut-throat tactics!

Here are some of the worst habits of pirates:


Pirates were carousers of the worst sort; drinking was a lifestyle choice as much as a hobby. So much time at sea made drinking a way to pass time as much as anything else, but it was also a necessity for health (no, really!). After some time at sea water would go stale and so strong alcohol was added to prevent harmful bacteria from forming in the water barrels.


Pirates were very well known for their lax personal hygiene habits, and in fact the term “pirate bath” refers to a quick wash wherein you was only your private parts and armpits with water (in the case of pirates this was often seawater). In fact, personal hygiene was very much at the bottom of the list of pirates problems; seas sickness, stale blood from battle wounds, and bad breath would have made it very hard to smell pleasant even if they had been rigorously hygienic!

A woman in every port

Though pirates spent much of their free time in whorehouses and brothels they did not limit their attentions to women of the night; many families would keep their daughters in doors when they knew a pirate vessel was in town.


Wooden ships and open flames did not mix, and so pirates were punished for smoking on board their ships. Nonetheless, they were known to be big smokers by and large. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or anything they happened to pick up during their journeys that could be smoked was smoked. Because open flames were prohibited on ships pirates were more likely to use snuff or chew tobacco whilst on a voyage.


Hot tempers

Being cooped up on a ship with poor hygiene and limited entertainment left pirates with short fuses and bad tempers; they were known to kill each other with the slightest provocation.