Legendary Sea Monsters – The Kraken

Legendary Sea Monsters – The Kraken

There is a legendary sea monster known as the Kraken. This legendary sea monster is an enormous size and is known to have lived off the coasts of Greenland and Norway. The kraken legendary sea monster is the largest monster that has ever been known of by mankind and throughout the decades many authors have written about the legend. The story started when sightings of a giant squid that could grow as large as 40-50 feet in length or 12-15 meters were recorded during the times of the Vikings. This creature in the tales was not said to have any tentacles, but the sea monster looked more like a whale or even a crab.

Legendary Sea Monster – The Kraken

The appearance, huge size, and fictional stories about this legendary sea monster have made the kraken a staple of nautical folklore. According to Nordic folklore, the sea monster would haunt the seas to Greenland from Norway to Iceland being extremely good at attacking ships by using its strong, fierce arms. If this didn’t work for the sea monster, then the kraken would start swimming circles around the ship making a circle maelstrom and drag the ship downward. Stories tell how the Kraken sea monster could devour an entire ship crew at one time.

Benefits of the Kraken

Although this legendary sea monster had a fearsome reputation, it also brought benefits. Wherever the legendary sea monster swam, it was followed by huge schools of fish. Fishermen that didn’t mind the risk and were very brave could secure a large bounteous catch.

Dating back to the twelfth century

The legendary sea monster history dates back to the 1180’s as written by King Sverre of Norway. The legendary sea monster Kraken did start off as being real as many sightings were established as it being a large squid or animal, but many sea navigators knew that the sea was dangerous and there were monsters in the sea, so any encounter with anything that was unknown could start a tale growing from any sailor.

The legendary sea monster the Kraken is still alive today in games, films, and books and in 1981 and 2010 came to live again in the Clash of Titans, ancient Greek epic film. These representations of the sea monster have made the public believe that this sea monster beast is lurking in sunken ships ready to attack divers.