The Most Infamous Pirate Ships in History

Pirate Ships

Although (thankfully) the reign of carefree pirates sailing the high seas in their dastardly pirate ships has ended, the stories and adventures of the swashbuckling pirate lifestyle remains in our hearts today. Take a look at some of the most infamous pirate ships in history and literature.

Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl Pirate Ship

The movie franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean, made this fictional ship very famous. The Black Pearl pirate ship is recognizable due to the black hulls and sails on the ship. The Black Pearl was a fast ship and the larger sails contributed to her speed. The Black Pearl was also once called the Wicked Wench before it was sunk and Davy Jones resurrected the ship from the bottom of the seafloor, at which point the name of the pirate ship was changed by Jack Sparrow to the black pearl.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship

Besides being the name of pirate ship that features in the best family tour in Cancun, Mexico. The original Jolly Roger was a fictional pirate ship that was featured in the Peter Pan stories by JM Barrie. The captain of the Jolly Roger pirate ship was Captain Hook and Mr. Smee along with the pirate crew who all called the Jolly Roger their home. All of the pirate business was conducted at the headquarters by Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger and this occurred in Neverland.

The Adventure Galley

The Adventure Galley is a real life pirate ship that was used to attack ships in the East Indies during the Golden Age of pirates. The Adventure Galley’s captain was William Kidd, a Scottish sailor who was first legitimately employed to capture enemy French ships until his lack of success turned him to piracy. He was soon captured, found guilty of piracy, and then executed immediately. Treasure from his ship has recently been found off the shores of the Dominican Republic.

Queen Anne’s Revenge

The famous and notorious Blackbeard was an English pirate who captured and seized the Concorde slaver ship turning her into a mighty pirate ship. In 1717 Blackbeard renamed the ship Queen Anne. The Queen Anne pirate ship was fast and successful until she hit a sandbar and became seriously damaged. Many historians claim that Blackbeard deliberately ran into the sandbar trying to kill some of his crew, so he would have a larger part of the fortune.

Fancy Pirate Ship

In 1694, a Royal Navy midshipman, Henry Avery decided to organize a mutiny while sailing aboard the Charles II ship off the Spanish coast. He renamed the ship Fancy, then he and his crew set out to find fortune in the Indian Ocean. Henry Avery and the crew arrived in the Bahamas in 1695 as they all planned on retiring and for exchange of the treasures that they had they were each granted refuge.