About Pirates - Top 10 Facts

Do you love learning about pirates who sailed the open seas back during the Golden Age of Piracy? While pirates today are a rare occurrence, pirates ruled the ocean back during the 1500’s to the 1700’s.  Want to learn more about pirates and interesting tidbits about their daily lives? If so, keep reading below to learn top 10 facts about pirates. 

Pirate Fact #1

Did you know that most pirates ships would only attack one ship at a time? Due to this fact, many ships would avoid pirates by following the course of other warships to find safety in numbers. As a result, the ship would become less desirable target for pirates seeking isolated ships at sea. 


Pirate Fact #2

Pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy were generally very superstitious. Fears and superstitions often played a big part in behavior and habits on board. For example, many pirates believed that whistling on a ship was bad luck. Supposedly, if you whistled while on board, the wind would consider it a challenge and could send unlucky winds your way which could mean disaster when at sea. 

Pirate Fact #3

Most people are familiar with the black skull and crossbones flag that sailed aboard The Jolly Roger that was most popular during the Spanish conquest era in the Caribbean. However the Jolly Roger flag was not the only flag used by pirates. It was however the most effective in convincing victims to surrender without a battle, and many pirates simply used a black flag to adorn their vessels. 


Pirate Fact #4

Did you know that most pirate ships used a democratic system on board to make important decisions? Voting and majority rule practices were commonly used when it came to how pirates decided where to sail next or make other important decisions.


Pirate Fact #5 

Did you ever wonder how a pirate captain would evade capture if another ship was able to overcome their vessel? Many times, if a pirate captain was in danger of being captured, he would change into old clothes in order to blend in with the other crew members and improve his chances of escaping. 


Pirate Fact #6

Did you know the Caribbean was a hot spot for pirate havens during the 1700’s? Many pirate ships would concentrate on specific islands in the Caribbean and take them by siege. As a result, other pirates would return to these ports and considered them a safe haven from warships and pirate hunters. 


Pirate Fact #7  

There is evidence that pirates have been around since the time of the Egyptians. Also, Viking pirates were common in Norway, Denmark and Sweden during the 5th century. Later, the highest incidence of pirates occurred in the Caribbean and off the coast of North America between the years 1500 and 1720.


Pirate Fact #8

Another common pirate superstition was that it was thought to be bad luck to have women on board a pirate ship. However, there were a few famous female pirates that earned respect from their male crew members, and were skilled fighters as well. 


Pirate Fact #9  

Did you know that a skilled carpenter was an essential crew member on each pirate ship? Their role was to make sure the ship was conditioned to make life comfortable while on board. Carpenters were important in order to build spaces for pirates to live and sleep, and help keep the decks in good condition in order to carry and support heavy cannons needed for battle. 


Pirate Fact #10 Our 10th pirate fact was that grog was a favorite alcoholic drink for pirates. Made from rum that was diluted with water or beer, grog was served hot or cold. If supplies were available, sugar, lime juice or other spices could be added to grog to make it taste even better.  


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