Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, travel is possible if you follow the proper safety recommendations and regulations. In Cancun, they are currently welcoming back visitors. Many resorts and businesses have implemented stringent health practices in order to keep guests safe to enjoy a dream vacation to Mexico. If you plan to visit Cancun soon, don’t miss your chance to visit the incredible Rio Secreto, or Secret River.  The Rio Secreto is well known for its incredible natural beauty. Guests will be awed by impressive stalactites and stalagmites that accompany a majestic underground river and intricate cave system. The Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure is another top Cancun activity that visitors love, too. The Jolly Roger pirate ship tour combines entertainment, adventure and a gourmet meal on the Caribbean Sea. Read more below about the Secret River in Cancun, and don’t forget to buy your pirate ship tour tickets, too.  

Visit the Secret River in Cancun

The Secret River tour includes a fun hike and refreshing swim in the Secret River.  A trained local guide and expert will accompany you on your adventure.  Get ready to relax and reconnect with nature at its best. Visitors will love the tranquil and peaceful underground cave system where they will witness some of the area’s most stunning mineral formations. In fact, thousands of geological formations are found in the underwater river and cave system. These natural formations took millions of years to form and they are still impressing visitors today. Your trained guides will be on hand to fill you in on the area’s history and important facts about the river and caves. That way, you will enjoy an adventure and learn something new, too.  

COVID Precautions

There are many protocols in place to keep guests safe to visit the Secret River in Cancun. To start with, all gear including wetsuits, life vest, water shoes and helmets, are washed and sanitized every day after its use. Plus, their cleaning products are environmentally friendly as well. In addition, common areas and vehicles are daily washed and disinfected. Likewise, antibacterial soap and gel sanitizer are always available for guests. Staff members have been trained in order to follow all health and safety protocols to keep guests and workers safe.  

Tour Options

Tours are limited to a maximum of 10 people so that guests will enjoy a personalized experience during their Cancun adventure. Everyone in the family will be able to join along and enjoy the experience. Guests will all receive the proper gear and instruction in order to comply with the highest standards of safety and security. Proper gear includes reguary sanitized wetsuits, life jackets, and helmets with headlamp. Towels are provided so guests can dry off when the tour is over. If you want another exciting adventure while in Cancun, check out the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour. It is one of Cancun’s most popular tours that includes tons of exciting entertainment, a gourmet dinner and full open bar, and a dreamy cruise along the Carribean Sea. Visit their website today to see which promotions and specials are available right now.  Some tours combine the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour with a visit to local Mayan ruins. It’s the perfect combination of excitement, adventure and history that makes a Cancun vacation the best it can be.  

Remember, make sure to visit Rio Secreto, or the Secret River, the next time you vacation in Cancun. Also, the Jolly Roger Pirate ship adventure is an unforgettable experience that the whole family will love. Everyone deserves to have time for relaxation where they can create lasting memories with loved ones. Times are changing, but you can still enjoy a safe and fun vacation to Cancun. Make sure to book your tickets on the Jolly Roger today as space is limited.