TripAdvisor Awards For Cancun’s Jolly Roger

TripAdvisor Awards

The Jolly Roger Pirate ship has long been a perennial favorite with return visitors to Cancun, and as such it is no surprise that it has been the recipient of multiple awards from TripAdvisor including the very prestigious and sought after TripAdvisor annual Travellers Choice Award. This is an award which, by itself, shows that the Jolly Roger is a tour at the top of its game. Furthermore, the Jolly Roger has received TripAdvisors Certificate of Excellence which is given only to the top 10% of businesses in each category; these are the businesses which consistently positive reviews. Don’t just take it from us, however; check out the countless reviews which attest to the happy customers who have had some of the best vacation experiences aboard the Jolly Roger.

Take a look at what these awards actually mean:

Travelers’ Choice

The Travellers Choice award was established in 2002, and is the highest honor that TripAdvisor can bestow on any business. These annual awards are the only in the industry to be based on the reviews and opinions of travellers from all around the world and all walks of life. It is felt that, for this reason, they reflect the very best of the best for quality and customer satisfaction. They are awarded by category.

travellers choice

Certificate of Excellence

The TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence was founded in 2010 and was set up to honor and award those in the hospitality business who consistently please their customers by providing the highest standards of service. To set recipients apart it is awarded to only the top 10% of businesses and organisations.

To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, a business must meet the following criteria:

  • To achieve and maintain a TripAdvisor rating of at least 4 out of 5.
  • They must have a minimum number of reviews in total.
  • They must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least a year.

TripAdvisor considers a property or local attractions overall popularity ranking for both the Traveller’s Choice and Certificate of Excellence Awards. The better the ratings and number of recent reviews, the higher the property’s TripAdvisor ranking will go.

Well done Jolly Roger Pirate Ship in Cancun! Next year, we want to make the list once again.