Taco Alert! Mexico's Best

Most people can agree, tacos are some of the best food in the world whole. In Mexico, tacos are one of the most popular foods that people love to eat and the ingredients are simple and affordable. There are a variety of taco ingredients too to make that perfect taco. You don’t even need a plate to enjoy a great taco b/c the taco will do all the work for you.  Did you know that some of the best tacos in Mexico can be found at street taco vendors? You can choose from fish tacos, carne asada beef tacos, al pastor pork tacos, among other great local options. Read below about our top 3 Mexican taco selections, and we also included an easy fish taco recipe that you can make when you are back at home. 

#1:Carne Asada Tacos  

Carne Asada Beef Tacos are one of the most popular tacos enjoyed around the world.  The fillings are made from beef that is usually grilled or sauteed, then seasonings and spices are added such as cumin, salt and pepper. This is a delicious taco with the meat along, but you can always add fresh toppings to make your taco even better. Try chopped cilantro, diced fresh onions, and even spicy homemade salsa if you want an extra kick of flavor. Want to really indulge? Ask for melted cheese to be added on top of the taco and enjoy!

#2: Al Pastor Tacos  

Al Pastor Tacos are another highly popular Mexican taco made from shredded pork. The pork is marinated and seasoned, then shredded onto a warm corn tortilla. You can then add cilantro, onions, and juicy fresh pineapple slices for a surprisingly sweet and savory mix that is out of this world. Squeeze fresh lime juice on top, or try a cool and creamy avocado salsa to add a refreshing finish to your perfect al pastor taco. 

#3: Fish Tacos 

Did you know that fish tacos were originally made in Baja California? Today, they are served all throughout Mexico, the United States and around the world. The fish can be either grilled or battered, and popular toppings for fish tacos include lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, and a variety of tangy, creamy or spicy salsas. Don’t forget to squeeze fresh lime juice onto the fish taco to make it just right. 

So, out of these top three Mexican tacos, which do you like the most?  Check out the below fish taco recipe to make when you return home from your vacation in Mexico. It is a perfect meal to make when you want a super easy and delicious meal that everyone in the whole family will enjoy.  

Quick Fish Taco Recipe:

  • Take Yellowtail or Mahi Mahi fish and cut it into chunks, then sautée the fish with just a few drops of olive oil in a pan. You can add garlic to the mixture if you choose. 
  • Add salt, pepper, and lime juice and season the fish. 
  • Heat up corn tortillas by putting them into a pan on medium heat, then warm both sides of the tortillas. 
  • Toppings: You can top your fish tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, onion, cilantro, and carrots. 

Creamy Chipotle Sauce

  • To complete your fish taco, add this homemade creamy chipotle sauce. Take mayonnaise and cut up several canned chipotle peppers and mix them together. The creamy chipotle sauce is perfect for fish tacos. Add the creamy chipotle sauce to the tacos, then squeeze fresh lime juice on top and you are ready to eat. 

We hope you enjoyed our article about the top 3 Mexican tacos. The next time you are in Mexico, make sure you try them all, and then let us know which taco is your favorite. And don’t forget to test out the easy fish recipe when you are back at home, too!