Sandcastles in Cancun, Mexico

Without a doubt, building sandcastles is one of the most cherished childhood beach activities on the planet.  When on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, not only does building sandcastles bring families together for hours of seaside fun, it’s a terrific way to deepen bonds and create lifelong memories.  The beautiful white sandy beaches of Cancun are ideal for making sandcastles, and it is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Thankfully, it doesn’t take anything other than sand, a shovel, a bucket and a whole lot of imagination to enjoy this relaxing pastime in Mexico.

It’s All About Teamwork

Sure, you can build a sandcastle by yourself, but it’s not nearly as much fun as working as part of a team.   It should come as no surprise that building sandcastles ranks high in many people’s favorite childhood memories, largely because they shared the activity with their loved ones.  Ensure that you and your children are prepared to make some significant memories of your own while building sand castles in Cancun, Mexico with these ideas: Gather up your family members and friends and come up with a plan.  If you have a large group, assigning a leader might be helpful. After everyone agrees on a design, delegate jobs to get everyone participating.

When and Where You Set Up is Important

Try to choose a day that has a mild forecast, preferably with sunny skies, no chance of rain and little wind. Should be fairly easy with the beautiful, year round weather in Cancun, Mexico. These conditions are ideal for building sandcastles.  Try to find an area on the beach away from other beachgoers so you don’t bother them. This way, you will have plenty of room to work, too and can begin creating your works of art!

Sand Texture Matters

Locating an area on the beach in Cancun, Mexico that has fine sand is a dream come true because it is less complicated to handle than more coarse sand.  Working with wet sand is also crucial to keep your creation sticking together, as we all know what happens if we construct a castle too close to the waves.  To escape premature destruction of your castle, you should work further away from the ocean and just carry some water over to your area as needed. Digging a hole to create a reservoir is a handy technique.  

A Solid Foundation is Essential

In order to construct a strong sandcastle in Cancun, Mexico, you should first build a solid foundation made from small layers of wet sand.  Each layer needs to be wet enough so that it remains that way as the next layer is added. Compact the sand down as much as you can before adding another layer. This is big tip that will help make your sandcastles stay together longer and stronger so you can enjoy them for more time.

Now It’s Time for Details

Once your solid mound of wet sand is ready, the real fun begins!  You can start to shape the sand with tools including the edge of a knife or shovel, different brushes or anything else you might have on hand.  Remember, the sand needs to stay wet as you play with it. Avoid narrow shapes that might topple over easily. When you work hard together as a team, you are sure to learn from each other.  To put your own distinctive spin on your sandcastle design in Cancun, Mexico, search the beach for items like driftwood or seashells you can use to decorate it with.

Create a memorable beach day with your family by getting creative and building sand castles in Cancun, Mexico together today. See you at the beach! If you feel like dusting off the sand and trying something different, make sure to check out the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour. It is one of Cancun’s most popular tours, and an adventure for the whole family. In addition to impressive live entertainment, the whole family will love the gourmet dinner and premium open bar. Make sure to get your tickets early as the Jolly Roger pirate ship tour always sells out fast!