Riviera Maya, Mexico Tour Activities

Taking a vacation in the Riviera Maya, Mexico is a vacation made in heaven. The whole of the Riviera Maya is teeming with wonderful things to do, see, experience, taste and hear, from traditional Mayan music and dancing to ancient archeological Mayan ruins, coral reefs and cenotes. For that reason there is an abundance of Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities to choose from for all preferences and budgets.

Top 5 Riviera Maya, Mexico Tour Activities

1. Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show Cancun
One of the top Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities for families has to be the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show (I know we are biased!), which will take you on a sunset cruise along the coast of the hotel zone in Cancun. If you are staying in destinations in the Riviera Maya such as Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos, getting to and from the Cancun pier at Playa Linda to board the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship is less than 30 minutes away and is well worth the effort. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Show includes family entertainment, great cuisine and all you can drink for the cost of a ticket. We are not among the top Riviera Maya activities for nothing, ranking 5th out of 84 attractions in Cancun on Tripadvisor.

2. The Underwater Museum (MUSA)
The underwater museum is an incredible Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activity. It is a dive site for both certified and non certified divers where you can explore an amazing sculpture exhibition by English artist, Jason DeCaires. The sculptures at MUSA form a unique manmade reef, where corals and marine life have begun to make their habitat to the delight of ecologists as well as tourists. There is no doubt that MUSA features among the top Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities for both art and dive enthusiasts.

3. Tulum
While there are countless superb Mayan ruins to explore on the Riviera Maya, Mexico, Tulum wins the crown. Located on the beach, Tulum’s Mayan ruins are a breathtaking reminder of the splendor of the ancient Mayan culture. Tulum is the perfect place to visit for the day, offering stunning photo opportunities and the chance to lounge on the dazzlingly white beach at Tulum too. For sublime relaxation and a little history and culture thrown in, Tulum easily makes the top 5 for Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities.

4. Xcaret
While many of us like to avoid overly commercialized places when taking a vacation, particularly if you have chosen the Riviera Maya, Mexico for its lighter touch tourism, Xcaret is totally worth the hype. Like the allure of Disney World, Xcaret cannot help but delight families and is a stress free, fun packed day out for the whole family. The subaquatic cave rivers are a highlight and will see you wade through caverns and waterfalls with the help of a life jacket. You get the impression that you are exploring the caves of a rainforest. There are also lots of animals to see, a boat ride, an incredible Mexican show and a selection of delicious restaurants to choose from on site. Xcaret makes a top family day out and is highly recommended for Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities.

5. Cenotes
Last but not least, the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the whole Yucatan Peninsula is dotted with cenotes, which are underwater caves where you can swim, snorkel or dive depending on how deep they are and your diving expertise. These sinkholes are a picturesque addition to Riviera Maya, Mexico tour activities, offering incredible photo opportunities and an enchanting day out for all ages. Visiting a cenote while on vacation in the Riviera Maya is not only a must but a unique experience that you will remember for years to come.