Riviera Maya Jazz Festival November 30th – Dec. 2nd, 2019

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Cancun residents and visitors, listen up!  Are you looking for fun Cancun activities to enjoy this fall? If so, come out and enjoy the sounds of jazz in paradise at the 17th edition of the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. This annual event is one of the top Cancun activities that has been going on since 2003 in Cancun, one of the most incredible tourist destinations in all of Mexico. For 3 days from November 30th through December 2nd, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will bring together some of the top jazz musicians today to share a stage in the Mexican Caribbean.  Come out and get to know some of the best jazz artists that are recognized worldwide for their musical talent, while everyone enjoys the beauty and great weather of Cancun, a true Caribbean paradise. Read more to learn about the history of jazz, and what you can expect to see and hear at this year’s Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun, Mexico. 


History of Jazz

The roots of jazz are found in blues and ragtime musical traditions taken from Africa and Europe, and some people even say that jazz is a union between African and European music. Jazz is all about rhythm and soul. Many people believe that jazz music originated in African-American communities in New Orleans about 100 years ago during the early 20th century. Others say jazz was born earlier in 1895 when Buddy Bolden started his first band. Other people claim jazz came alive in the year 1917 when Nick LaRocca and his Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded the first jazz record known as, “Livery Stable Blues.” Regardless of its exact origins, jazz music became much more popular in the 1920s when it became an integral part of American popular culture. The original jazz sound that originated in New Orleans quickly diversified, and as a result started to appeal to people from different sectors of society.  Did you know that fashion in the 1920’s was another way in which jazz music influenced popular culture? Since the 1920’s which was known as the Jazz Age, jazz has become recognized as a major form of musical expression. Jazz is a very important part of American history because of how Jazz affects people around the world, and essentially gave birth to swing, big band, pop rock and roll, soul hip-hop and rap music as well. 


Riviera Maya Jazz Festival: Since 2003

In Cancun, the 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival will be hosted in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is one of the most popular Cancun activities to attend, and has been held each year since 2003 in the city of Playa del Carmen. The event typically occurs during Thanksgiving weekend at the end of November. The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is an exciting and fun series of open-air concerts that take advantage of Cancun’s great year round weather. The festival environment seeks to blend a mix of different jazz genres in order to provide the audience with a unique and unforgettable experience. In general, the shows take place in public spaces such as the central park, which is situated in front of the municipal palace of Playa del Carmen. Crowds of over 20,000 people have generally attended the last few festivals, so get prepared for big crowds and tons of fun in Cancun. While Playa Del Carmen does not have museums, this festival is an important cultural event and one of the top Cancun activities that attracts great talent to the area. Such jazz greats as George Benson, Tower of Power, Sergio Mendez, Spyro Gira, Herbie Hancock, Celso Pina, Earth, Wind, and Fire and many more have all participated at past Riviera Maya Jazz Festivals. This year, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is a three day event that will occur from November 30th to December on Mamitas Beach, a great space for the public since it is easy to get to and attendees will enjoy the beach as they enjoy the great music as well.  A large stage is built every year to accommodate the incredible musical acts, and the event is always well organized for the public. Note that the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival is a free event, but the area close to the stage will charge a small entry fee of 18 pesos per person. Want to avoid big crowds so you can relax as you enjoy the festival? If so, there is a VIP area that is much less crowded if you can manage to get to the event early to secure your space.


Headed to Cancun, Mexico in late November? If so, you should make a point to attend the 17th annual Riviera Maya Jazz Festival from November 30th to December 2nd in Cancun. It is sure to be a fun cultural event and one of 2019’s top Cancun activities that the whole family will enjoy.