Jolly Roger Content (FOR BUSINESSES)

The Jolly Roger pirate ship’s group services in Cancun provide a host of opportunities for you and your team to engage in fun activities that are perfect for incentive groups, corporate events and team building. Whether you are treating you executives for reaching their yearly targets or building trust amongst your employees, the Jolly Roger will inspire your team. Why not hire the whole pirate ship and tailor a private corporate event while sailing the Caribbean. Your employees will be inspired and come together during this unique team building opportunity that can create a sense of camaraderie and positive energy amongst your group. A perfect way to motivate team members, deepen co-worker trust and strengthen business relationships that can improve the work environment back in the office.


Corporate team building events on the Jolly Roger are a fun and innovative way to help foster creativity among your employees. With a focus on team building exercises that develop mutual trust, your employees will leave their experience on the Jolly Roger with a renewed sense of pride and commitment to the company. As a result, employers are likely to witness an improved work atmosphere in the office which will undoubtedly result in higher levels of employee motivation and consequent productivity gains. Corporate team building excursions on the Jolly Roger are a win win for both employers and their employees. It never hurts to have a little lighthearted fun amongst the pirate crew antics, while also improving employee morale and motivation at the same time.  


There are tons of tremendous team building activities to be enjoyed on board the Jolly Roger. Workmates can partake in an exciting treasure hunt, show and tell, blind retriever game, group timeline challenge, human knot, build your own ship competition, as well as many more fun and innovative activities to build company morale and promote coworker bonding. We can even tailor the day to include a specific group activity of your choice not listed here. In addition, the Jolly Roger is especially proud to help give back to the local community by offering community service inspired excursions. We have ties to several local orphanages, schools, organizations for homeless children, people with special needs, elderly people, and other associations that can benefit from your company’s contributions. Giving back to the local community adds an extra layer of integrity and value to your corporate event. After all, at the end of the day, giving back and helping others is what life is all about.

Contact us today to get more information on how you can reserve the entire Jolly Roger pirate ship exclusively for your group. Your employees will be energized and inspired by this once in a lifetime corporate adventure that can be shared together. Your employees will thank you!