Family Fun in Cancun

Cancun’s fame goes way beyond its idyllic beaches, sunny climate, great people and top restaurants. Cancun is known as the meca for family fun in Mexico. There is no danger of being bored, wanting your vacation to end early or feeling miserable. No matter how old your kids are, Cancun is the best family fun. Join us on the Jolly Roger pirate ship and we will show you what family fun is all about in Cancun


Family Fun in Cancun for littleones and Teenagers

There is probably no doubt in your mind that your youngest children are going to be excited about family fun on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Cruise. Pirates capture the imagination of all children, especially the kids within us. However, if you have teenage children, you are probably not placing your bets just yet as to whether a pirate ship is going to be “cool” enough for your hormone-racing youngsters. Rest assured, the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship show will have even the most uninspired adolescents up and dancing and leaving their smartphone to one side. Family fun on the Jolly Roger is simply just too contagious.


What makes the Jolly Roger in Cancun suitable for family fun?


The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship tailors its shows to appeal to all ages. There is plenty of opportunity to enjoy adult humour but you will find that it is all done in good taste. During the parts of the show where adults are invited to join the show and make fools of themselves, there is chance for the youngest pirates to follow some of the actors below deck for a treasure hunt, so everyone has their chance to join in. In addition, the show leaves at sunset, making sure that it is not such a late night for families with young children. Dinner is served early too and there is a constant supply of soft drinks and flavored water for kids, and adults will find that they glasses are never empty.



Show, Dancing, Food and Fun

The highlight of the Jolly Roger Pirate Cruise is the bilingual show that will entertain you as you sail along the Caribbean coastline of Cancun. Enjoy swashbuckling sword fights, rope swinging, singing, tales of adventure and more. Dancing is also on the menu as well as fun competitions before heading below deck to feast like pirate captains.


Join us for family fun in Cancun and don’t miss out!